Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Today’s virtual-first economy has brought about a sharp rise in the adoption of cloud collaboration platforms. Today’s workers need these kinds of tools to interact with one another and get things done. Now more than ever they are building relationships and interacting on established collaboration platforms as well as on hundreds of newer ones that continue to crop up. And legal and compliance teams struggle to retain, discover and supervise content across channels.

Proofpoint helps the world’s largest firms in financial services, healthcare, and other highly regulated industries with end-to-end regulatory and governance protection. Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance collects and retains digital communications, providing a centralized view of data to mitigate compliance risk and accelerate investigations. It offers comprehensive, AI-powered information governance and compliance controls so that IT and Compliance teams can protect an organization against non-compliance and Legal teams can conduct timely investigations to make effective business decisions.

Key Capabilities / Features

Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance helps address e-discovery and compliance requirements for firms with thousands of users to hundreds of thousands of users. Delivered as a service, the platform significantly reduces administrative overhead, plus Proofpoint manages all upgrades. Products included in the platform are: Proofpoint Capture, Patrol, Track, Discover, Archive, Supervision, and Automate.

Proofpoint Capture makes it easy to collect, manage and retain content from the tools employees use to communicate. This information archiving solution helps unite and normalize an organization’s feeds across public social media, enterprise collaboration apps, instant messenger chats, text messaging and more.

Proofpoint Patrol makes it easy to monitor, remediate and report on social media compliance at scale. It provides organizations with intelligent classifiers, automated workflows and intuitive reporting, giving complete visibility into their social activity. And they can remediate compliance violations quickly.

Proofpoint Track keeps firms compliant and in control. It gives organizations the ability to track, audit and reconcile all content in their capture stream, helping ensure that every file or communication record originally sent is also in an archive or data store.

Proofpoint Archive provides a proven next-generation data archiving solution as a cloud native service. Unlike some competitive solutions, Archive includes high-performance, built-in search, legal hold and export.

With Proofpoint Discover, organizations can process, analyze and cull archived information in-house. This streamlines processes and dramatically reduces the scope of e-discovery costs.

With Proofpoint Supervision, companies can streamline their SEC, FINRA and IIROC compliance. We provide easy monitoring, review and reporting across email, social and enterprise collaboration data.

With Proofpoint Automate, organizations can use machine learning to significantly reduce their low-value supervision content. This helps keep their focus on meaningful content. And at the same time, it reduces reviewer fatigue and human errors that can result.

How we are different

• Prevent large fines for non-compliance: FinServ firms must comply with securities laws from regulatory bodies, such as FINRA, the SEC and FCA, for recordkeeping and supervising across collaboration platforms and social media for monitored employees. Failure to do so can result in significant fines. With Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance, we offer comprehensive capture of digital communications and reconciliation to improve audit-proofing, helping ensure what’s collected is accurately stored in the archive. Our clients can take advantage of AI-powered supervision, helping remove up to 84% of false positives so compliance risks may be more easily identified and mitigated.

• Reduce investigation time from days to seconds: Organizations across healthcare, pharma and other vertical industries struggle with investigations due to the lack of timely insights to drive effective decisions. Such organizations face extensive fines or may have to settle prematurely if they cannot produce relevant evidence in a timely fashion during litigation. With Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance, we offer an easy-to-use search workflow with extensive filtering capabilities to cull results down to relevant content. Our clients gain insights into data in real time with blazing fast search performance and archive hosted service availability, both supported by financially backed SLAs.

• Monitor communications for Corporate Security and Compliance: To keep enterprises and their employees secure and compliant, many organizations have established corporate policies requiring monitoring of their digital communications stack both internally and externally. The ability to provide a highly contextualized, human-centric view of communications across various channels empowers compliance teams to effectively protect employees and organizational intellectual property. With Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance, we offer a context-aware, human-centric view of communications collection and retention that supports behavioral visibility. Sentiment analysis is applied across all communications to determine risky employees before impact. Investigations can be conducted in real-time to reduce the potential for business impact.