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Company size (employees)200


Proven innovators and leaders in data security with more than 100 granted or pending industry patents and the capability to quickly develop support for new technologies to grow alongside customers and partners, Protegrity allows organizations to maximize security with minimal impact on day-to-day business operations.
Traditionally, data protection focuses on securing the environment in which data exists. Protegrity, however, focuses on securing the data itself providing unprecedented levels of protection from acquisition to archive and everywhere in between.
With centralized control of enterprise Policy, Key Management, Auditing and Reporting, over 200 worldwide customers spanning all industries utilize Protegrity’s award-winning, flexible solutions to move toward proactive, risk-adjusted security strategies which go beyond baseline regulatory compliance with geographical PII protection requirements and industry standards such as PCI and HIPAA to proactively protect data from threat.
Protegrity’s business is built around the enterprise-class Protegrity Data Security Platform, a high-performance solution that manages what and how data will be accessed by whom, where and when. The platform leverages peer-reviewed and industry acclaimed data-centric encryption, vaultless tokenization and masking deployed in collaboration to secure sensitive information while maintaining data usability in alignment with business requirements.
The platform-agnostic solution transparently supports heterogeneous IT ecosystems, including both buy and build scenarios while delivering scalable, interoperable solutions that protect data throughout its lifecycle across Teradata, Pivotal, IBM, Oracle, mapR, Cloudera, Hortonworks and cloud environments, operating systems, applications, platforms, databases and warehouses, mainframes and virtually every other component of the enterprise.
Pioneers of the data security industry and known for innovation, the Protegrity team is comprised of established thought leaders from around the world and by leveraging their specialist knowledge and experience of cryptography, security and privacy, Protegrity ensures sensitive data is comprehensively secure today and easily recovered from archives tomorrow.
Headquartered in Stamford, CT, USA, Protegrity has global coverage.

How we are different

• VAULTLESS TOKENIZATION: Protegrity was instrumental in developing the PCI DSS tokenization guidelines for merchants and should be recognized as the first vendor to eliminate the challenges of traditional vault-based tokenization with its innovative Vaultless Tokenization solution which remains the most transparent and interoperable data cryptography solution available today.
Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization is applied locally in diverse environments such as Cloud, Big Data, Databases, Files and File Systems and Applications themselves and by using in-process, in-memory programmatic APIs in C, Java, .NET, Python etc. without the need to call out to a remote appliance so performance concerns are minimized.
• BIG DATA: Protegrity should be recognized as the first to innovate enterprise-class data protection to big data platforms with solutions protecting sensitive data in a manner that preserves analytical value and goes way beyond the coarse-grained file encryption and access controls native to Hadoop. With Protegrity the actual data itself is protected from external and internal threat, not just at rest in HDFS but more importantly in use – with no need to de-protect – during Spark, MapReduce, Hive, and Pig processing and in transit to enterprise systems such as an Enterprise Data Warehouse.
• CLOUD: Protegrity should be recognized for their Cloud security solutions, innovated to provide actual data protection rather than just monitoring which is passive and not really data security in its true sense. Protegrity’s Gateway solutions are soft appliances placed between a source and a destination that offer a data-centric layer of security “on the wire” with Configuration-over-Programming architecture for easy customization that takes into account the rapid evolution of cloud applications. The end-result is absolute security as data travels the network in-use and at-rest.