Qnext Corp FileFlex Enterprise

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CompanyQnext Corp
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


With FileFlex we would bring a seamless Zero Trust protection layer for documents, data, and collaboration for extending the Microsoft eco system, one click wherever you are in the world, every piece of data you are allowed to access is at your fingertips in the next generation of protecting the data which is Zero Trust Architecture.

•“FileFlex offers a new overlay service that unifies the access and governance of data storage across multiple domain environments in a Zero Trust Architecture”.

In a nutshell, as the market moves to Zero Trust and the Multi-Cloud/ hybrid world we are the data access and sharing platform that can connect all the data points in a company’s network on a Zero Trust Architecture, integrated in Windows seamlessly just released, through any device globally at the highest security level possible, taking the friction away from ease-of-use remotely without the need for a VPN.

Significant partnerships include Intel , NEC, ForgeRock and Illumio and Mimecast

How we are different

We have solved a global problem in an enterprise hybrid infrastructure, for unstructured data. 100% central control and decentralized enforcement with real time alerts and no user friction, seamless.
. We give access to the data for a remote workforce but they cannot access the infrastructure, just the data allowed.
1. The data does NOT move. No copying or syncing.
2. We have a complete audit trail on every transaction in the company’s data, no matter where it is located around the world.
3. The encrypted data flows through an encrypted pipe and most importantly it never rests anywhere on the journey from authorized point-to-point.