Qrypt Quantum Secure Encryption

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CompanyQrypt, Inc.
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionService


Qrypt was founded by former CIA officers whose time in “The Agency” built a belief in the fundamental right to privacy. The company was created to provide intelligence-grade cryptography to businesses that need it.

This year, Qrypt released its Quantum Safe Data at Rest (QDAR) application – an advanced form of one-time pad data security that allows any business to replicate the level of protections of an air-gapped network. Based on years of quantum cryptography research and development, and strategic partnerships with leading domestic and international labs focused on novel quantum entropy sources to develop a unique approach to quantum encryption – the team developed a BLAST algorithm to create a platform offering the most secure form of encryption.

By utilizing Qrypt’s BLAST algorithm and leveraging quantum random numbers from multiple sources of entropy to produce perfectly random one-time pad keys, any user can quickly and easily quantum encrypt sensitive files with these randomly generated one-time pads. They will then be able to safely share that encrypted data over the internet with other users. Only other users with QDAR and the same one-time pad encryption keys can possibly decrypt the encoded data to read the files, ensuring that important information is kept confidential. With such a secure communications network, businesses can share sensitive information across a widespread remote workforce without any risk of compromise.

QDAR application released by Qrypt was developed through years of research and development by engineers, physicists and cryptographers. Qrypt is paving the way into the quantum era by bringing CIA-level security protection.

How we are different

• Qrypt’s application stands out because it brings the only cloud delivered QRNG. The application provides the highest entropy possible for users and can be used as-a-service – organizations can easily leverage multiple sources of true random numbers developed by research labs in the U.S. and internationally.

• Additionally, Qrypt created the only true one-time pad security at scale available quickly and inexpensively through the cloud – providing the highest level of quantum secure encryption made available for businesses without expensive, proprietary infrastructure and hardware.

• Furthermore, all of Qrypt’s research is published and validated in peer-reviewed journals by professional experts in their field – there are no black boxes. Through all of this, Qrypt ensures their solutions are truly quantum secure and cannot be brute-forced by any computing method, quantum or classical – making Qrypt’s solutions standout from its competing security solutions. Quantum computing is an inevitable, so too is the need for quantum secure encryption.