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CompanyRadiant Logic
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


The accelerated pace of digital transformation and the need to secure remote and hybrid workers across multiple platforms have placed identity and access management (IAM) high on the list of priorities for many enterprises. An Identity Data Fabric unifies distributed identity data from all sources within an organization, turning it into a flexible, reusable, and resilient resource that delivers identity data on-demand wherever and whenever needed.

Designed for large enterprises and government bodies with complex, distributed IT infrastructure, the RadiantOne platform creates a flexible identity foundation that speeds time-to-value, reduces internal software development effort, improves security and compliance posture, and provides a frictionless experience for all users. It is built to combat identity sprawl and enterprise technical debt, both of which can lead to massive delays in time-to-market, decreased employee productivity, and an expanded attack surface.

RadiantOne’s Intelligent Identity Data Platform uses patented identity unification technology to abstract and enrich identity data from multiple sources, build enriched global user profiles, and deliver real-time identity data on-demand to any service or application. In order to provide the flexibility and scalability that customers need, the platform is broken into six distinct modules: Federated Identity Engine; Universal Directory; Global Synchronization; Directory Migration; Insights, Reports & Administration; and Single Sign-On.

How we are different

RadiantOne is the only product on the market that unifies identity at the data layer rather than the application layer. Working at the data layer allows organizations to establish a solid foundation which facilitates optimal management of the company’s identity data. The Identity Data Fabric is a core foundational component in the identity and access management ecosystem, enabling services to access one source of unified, reliable data and work together optimally.

Competitive solutions that solely operate on the application level cannot capture and represent all data in the myriad of ways expected by businesses. This siloed approach will result in identity-based projects demanding more time and resources, not to mention duplicated efforts in customizable approaches that aren’t reusable. Instead, Radiant Logic’s RadiantOne establishes a data foundation that will save investments in time, resources and budget, and will quickly and flexibly adapt identity data across all systems to meet business needs.

For over 20 years, Radiant Logic has been trusted by the world’s largest organizations to address identity complexity, and is currently deployed in over half of the Fortune 50. Existing customer use cases include the use of RadiantOne by a major cruise line to create a holistic view of users that enabled 15% revenue growth. Another hospitality giant was able to modernize its IAM infrastructure and reduce time-to-market for new projects by at least six months by allowing new dev environments to be spun up in minutes rather than months. Earlier this year Radiant Logic was also selected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST’s) National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) to contribute critical identity capabilities to their new Zero Trust Architecture project.