Radware API Discovery and Protection

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Market Need
API usage is on the rise. According to Radware’s survey, 92% of organizations have significantly or somewhat increased their API usage. While 70% believe they have visibility into applications that are processing sensitive data, 62% admit a third or more of APIs are undocumented. And undocumented APIs leave organizations vulnerable to cyber threats, like database exposures, data breaches, and scraping attacks.

Radware’s API Discovery
To help secure APIs, Radware extended its cloud application security offering, adding fully automated API Discovery capabilities. These capabilities, combined with newly automated security policy optimization, are part of Radware’s Cloud Application Protection solution, which includes a cloud-based web application firewall (WAF), bot management, and API and DDoS protection.

The Radware Difference
At a time when the shortage in security talent is at an all-time high, Radware’s API Discovery capabilities enable security teams to automatically identify and secure undocumented APIs without relying on human intervention or application and security expertise. Using advanced machine-learning algorithms, Radware’s API protection works in real time to detect and block a broad range of threats. This includes defense against access violations, data leakage, automated bot-based threats, and DDoS and embedded attacks.

The solution:
• Offers a unique, holistic security approach that includes a bot protection module optimized for API, and DDoS (with layer 7 DDoS) protection.
• Automatically discovers undocumented and poorly documented APIs and their complete structure and applies tailored positive security policies (per API endpoint) to allow only legitimate API calls.
• Minimizes maintenance efforts through machine learning algorithms that scan all security event logs, automatically optimize security policies, and eliminate false positives.
• Guards sensitive data, including PII, and credit card and social security numbers.
• Prevents API abuse and blocks unwanted bots.
• Increases visibility into violations and exploitations of APIs.
• Reduces API consumption and utilization costs.

How we are different

Radware’s API Discovery and Protection is a frictionless security solution that requires no application or security expertise. It takes care of:
o Auto-policy generation tailored per API endpoint.
o Completely automated discovery, generating an accurate API schema and tailored security policy.
o Elimination of human errors; no human intervention is required to complete the API discovery process.
o Automated discovery of API changes to keep documented API security protection up to date.

Radware’s API Discovery and Protection is accompanied by managed security services. This includes:
o A fully managed onboarding process for new applications and customers.
o Ongoing review and optimization of security policies, eliminating false positives.
o Real-time support by Radware’s Emergency Response Team.

Radware’s API Discovery and Protection offers maximum security with minimal overhead. This includes:
o Automated security policy generation based on both positive and negative security models.
o Ongoing automatic security policy optimization, continuously reducing false positives.
o Reporting and analytics to provide insights into API catalogues, documented open APIs and undocumented, an attack reporting dashboard, good bot analysis and more.