RapidCert – FIPS 140 Simplified by SafeLogic

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionService


RapidCert is a push-to-start FIPS 140 validation service offered by SafeLogic in tandem with the CryptoComply encryption module. By leveraging the operational testing and algorithm testing already conducted on CryptoComply, the SafeLogic team is able to deliver a full FIPS 140 validation for a customer in less than 8 weeks! Compared to the traditional path that takes 12+ months, RapidCert customers have a huge competitive advantage.

How we are different

- There are other companies that sell encryption modules, and there are consulting firms that will help with FIPS 140 validation, but SafeLogic fuses them into a perfectly matched bundle that saves significant time, effort, and money for the client!
- RapidCert completely offloads the process to SafeLogic. The client only needs to specify the name of their module and the point of contact, while SafeLogic does the rest, from start to finish. There is no interaction required with the testing lab facility, NIST, or anyone else.
- Ongoing support & maintenance ensures that SafeLogic experts keep the FIPS 140 validation in place and fully compliant with new guidance and restrictions from NIST's Cryptographic Module Validation Program. RapidCert validations are truly evergreen... or in this case, ever orange!