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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Companies spend >$160BN on point solutions that don’t improve cybersecurity. CIOs have millions of globally distributed assets to see and control but lack the visibility/ability to act in real time. 94% of enterprises have 20% or more endpoints undiscovered, unprotected, and vulnerable to attack, while the many tools sitting on endpoints adversely affect performance. Disparate point solutions make it difficult to collect, assess, and act on data across operations and security; additional solutions are often required to remediate vulnerabilities or respond to incidents—adding to IT complexity and cost.

Tanium solves this by delivering full visibility and control in real time for every endpoint—across users, clouds, IoT devices—enabling CISOs to see instantly whether hundreds of thousands of assets are installed, configured, patched, and used according to corporate policies. Tanium enables CISOs to mitigate risk and reduce complexity using a single platform spanning operations, risk, and security teams.

The specialized tools security vendors have been selling for the past two decades don’t provide the type of holistic risk management and resilience needed to protect against today’s relentless cyber threats. To defend against attack surface proliferation and protect critical information and infrastructure, Tanium’s XEM platform offers a convergence of real-time decision making, management, and remediation across IT, Compliance, Security, and Risk using a single pane of glass for one shared source of truth, a unified set of controls, and a common taxonomy that brings together siloed teams from across an organization.

Tanium utilizes a patented linear-chain architecture, providing real-time visibility and control at scale, and a fully extensible data model with the ability to customize Tanium in any environment and with any desired integration among existing tools. The lightweight, performant Tanium single agent spans the breadth and depth of all XEM platform capabilities.

How we are different

• Tanium’s XEM platform protects every team, endpoint, and workflow from cyber threats by integrating IT, Risk and Compliance, and Security into a single platform for comprehensive visibility across devices, a unified set of controls, and a common taxonomy for one shared purpose: protecting critical information and infrastructure at scale.
• Tanium complements anti-malware solutions with its visibility, management, and remediation capabilities – all in real time.
• Forrester Research reports the ROI of Tanium XEM at 277%, including savings from tool consolidation: $2.4M+; idle software license reclamation: $1.7M; and FTE efficiency: $1.2M resulting from offering formerly disparate capabilities from a single platform.