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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionEurope


Redscan is a UK-based provider of security services, specialising in Managed Detection and Response, and cyber assessments. By understanding how attackers operate, leveraging a deep level of threat intelligence, and offering award-winning customer service, Redscan’s cyber security professionals can be trusted to provide the insight and support organisations need to identify and address information security risks, rapidly respond to threats and achieve compliance standards.

Offering a wide range of high quality, yet affordable, cyber security services, Redscan ensures that enterprise-grade security is no longer the preserve of large enterprises. Services offered include Managed Detection and Response, CREST Penetration Testing and Red Team Operations.

How we are different

A commitment to innovation
Redscan’s team of highly experienced cyber security experts utilise their knowledge of the tactics, techniques and procedures real-world attackers to continually enhance the company’s services.

Mark Nicholls, Redscan’s Chief Technology Officer, leads Redscan Labs, the company’s in-house research division, and has received a CREST Fellowship for his work across the information security industry. Current areas of focus include:
• Development of new scenario-based security assessments mapped to common framewoks such as MITRE ATT&CK™ and designed to improve the effectiveness of controls and processes.
• Improving the efficiency of Redscan’s CSOC through Security Orchestration and Automation. By aggregating richer threat intelligence and automating routine monitoring processes, Redscan is able to reduce manual workloads, improve threat visibility and enhance knowledge sharing.
• Ongoing development of high-fidelity detections and incident response playbooks to help Redscan’s CSOC team enhance the speed and effectiveness of incident response in a wide variety of scenarios.
• New feature and functionality enhancements to CyberOps™, Redscan’s cloud-native threat management platform. Developments include enhancing visibility across networks, endpoints and cloud environments plus automated threat containment and disruption.

Delivering service excellence
Redscan strives to ensure clients always receive the highest quality support and advice. Redscan’s Net Promoter Score for ThreatDetect is over 60, distinguishing the service as ‘great’. This is based on feedback to Redscan’s 2020 customer survey.