Resecurity Risk™ is Artificial Intelligence driven Digital Risk Monitoring Platform

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CompanyResecurity, Inc.
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Resecurity Risk™ is Artificial Intelligence driven Digital Risk Monitoring platform acting as a defensive component in scope of Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Powered by Context™ It enables operator to evaluate, quantify, forecast, and mitigate the identified cyber threats and security challenges using comprehensive risk-scoring metrics to guide timely and strategic defensive actions.

Resecurity Risk™ allows to track security posture changes depending on the identified security events, Dark/Web/Surface Web, and other malicious activity.

Resecurity Risk™ identifies and eliminates potential blind spots and security gaps throughout your network infrastructure and exposed digital footprint.

Resecurity Risk™ identifies external threats based on high-quality threat intelligence data aggregated from more than 30K public and proprietary sources.

Resecurity Risk™ integrates industry standard security platforms to actualize the risk score of your enterprise footprint.

Resecurity Risk™ can also monitor workloads in AWS and Azure around the clock, isolating and preventing attempted data breaches at the earliest stage.

Cybersecurity Scoring: Within moments of onboarding, Resecurity Risk™ has analyzed the security posture of your digital assets and characterized your exposure based on proprietary algorithm. Where the score indicates vulnerabilities, Resecurity Risk™ provides actionable intelligence for direct remediation. As you resolve identified issues, your global cybersecurity score will improve.

Detailed Reporting: Resecurity Risk™ provides in-depth analysis and information about specific artifacts obtained through the dark web, botnets, passive DNS exploits, and other threat sources. You can examine each data point to understand the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your digital assets. As new threats to your enterprise emerge from these sources, Resecurity Risk™ provides timely updates and notifications.

Contextual Awareness: To help combat alarm fatigue, Resecurity Risk™ contextualizes risk information. It identifies threats of low, medium, and high risk to your infrastructure, network resources, and other company assets, making it easier to prioritize and act upon threats in ways that

How we are different

Key Differentiator for Resecurity Risk™:

We do not use commodity data but curated and tailored by our human analyst specific to each of our clients business missions and objectives.

We focus on who's targeting you, how they are targeting you, and answers if you are being targeted or breached.

Third party risk management isn't about a score but if they are actually causing a risk to your enterprise ecosystem. This is the answer we provide with our platform.