Resecurity Risk™ Supply Chain Risk Management Platform

Additional Info

CompanyResecurity, Inc.
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Resecurity Risk™ is Artificial Intelligence driven Supply Chain monitoring platform that you can use to identify upstream and downstream providers for real time analysis for all business and technical users.

Powered by Context™ It enables operator to evaluate, quantify, forecast, and mitigate the identified cyber threats and security challenges using comprehensive risk-scoring metrics to guide timely and strategic defensive actions.

Resecurity Risk™ allows to track security posture changes depending on the identified security events, Dark/Web/Surface Web, and other malicious activity.

Resecurity Risk™ identifies and eliminates potential blind spots and security gaps throughout your network infrastructure and exposed digital footprint.

AI-powered with robust ML framework used to quantify and to analyze cyber risk across your enterprise ecosystem.

SaaS-based intelligence-driven solution leveraging massive volumes of Big Data (13 billion threat artifacts) consumed from ongoing indexing of 35,435+ data points (Dark Web, Social Media Networks, Telegram, weChat, Viber, TOR, Jabber, IRC, etc.)

Native integration with SIEM/SOC/TIP and third-party cybersecurity solutions and systems, REST API.

How we are different

Resecurity Risk™ Key Differentiator:

1. Utilizing all-source intelligence and powered by Human Intelligence Operators
2. Key is on Threat Risk, meaning who is targeting you and not about your vulnerabilities
3. Not about likelihood or probability but about actual threat risk