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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Director of Systems Architecture
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Managed Solution

In 3 bullets, summarize why this professional or team deserves recognition:

- Wealth of professional knowledge and experience on security that he is always willing to hand off and teach his staff and clients.

- Always is ready for the small details and minutia when dealing with designs and implementations, as well as when either staff or clients have questions to ask

- Comes at solutions and implementations both inside, or from far outside the box to help make any solution secure and risk adverse

Brief Overview

Created, communicated and implemented the risk-based process for project risk management, including logging, assessment and treatment for risks that may result from clients, partners, consultants and other service providers. Developed, wrote, maintained and published best practices, security policies, standards and guidelines, and overseen training and dissemination of such policies and practices, both internal and external.