SafeBreach Breach and Attack Simulation

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


SafeBreach is the industry’s only breach and attack simulation application that uses correlative analytics to identify security gaps and link them to their potential business impact. This is a key differentiator between SafeBreach and other Breach and Attack systems. While others solely examine attacks at the individual level, SafeBreach correlates data from a large number of simulations to generate a priority-based set of recommendations.

SafeBreach’s “Hacker’s Playbook” is the largest, most detailed, and most up-to-date compendium of programmatically accessible exploits and known attack types in the world with over 20,000 breach methods, all of which can be run by SafeBreach’s system on a continuous basis without impacting an organization’s assets or networks.

Data from SafeBreach validations can improve SOC team responses and empower management teams to better manage risk and invest resources. SafeBreach enables data-driven risk analysis, resource prioritization and guided mitigation. The platform continuously and safely tests and optimizes the effectiveness of your security infrastructure against the business value of your assets and helps security teams ensure their security controls and processes are effective against real world attackers by continuously challenging their security controls.

SafeBreach’s vision is to transform the way the industry validates security to enable security teams to understand and reduce risk continuously, from static to continuous, from theoretical to practical, from risky to safe. After all, when companies know which security controls actually work in their environment, they can invest for real impact and protect more. They can quantify risks to the business and drive a security strategy aligned with the company’s business growth. What SafeBreach does – validate security controls continuously – changes the mindset of defenders to be offensive and proactive, and the end result is that we help to build a safer world.

How we are different

SafeBreach quantifies business risk based on easy to understand Key Risk Indicators (KRIs): Attack Surface, MITRE Framework, Critical Segments, Known Attacks, Exposure Time

SafeBreach generates insights automatically to ensure remediation, at scale, of the highest priority gaps. The platform correlates data-driven results from testing security controls against numerous attack scenarios to automatically identify the highest priority security gaps, so that teams can focus on the most impactful remediation efforts.

SafeBreach Labs externally monitors the hacker underground, sources intelligence feeds and collaborates with external security research teams. We are dedicated to providing the latest attack methods to our customers and we uphold a 24-hour SLA on adding attacks identified from US Cert Alerts. This research is shared with the security community at leading conferences such as Black Hat, RSA, and DEFCON. SafeBreach Labs also contributes techniques to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.