SafeGuard Cyber

Additional Info

CompanySafeGuard Cyber
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


SafeGuard Cyber helps enterprises enforce security policies across business critical communications between employees, guests, contractors, and partners regardless of device type. With increased visibility and security for cloud-based communications, employees are more productive and can collaborate more efficiently across lines of business.

Security teams use SafeGuard Cyber to mitigate malware, invoice fraud, account compromise, and social engineering attacks that can lead to lateral movement, data theft, or other risks that put a company’s reputation at risk.

How we are different

SafeGuard Cyber solves the hard problem of detecting and responding to social engineering attacks in a way that reduces human workload and improves response time.

Security awareness training is only ever somewhat effective. SafeGuard Cyber provides visibility and controls to remediate attacks that take weaponize human psychology and behavior.

Endpoint proliferation is solved by not requiring an agent. SafeGuard Cyber’s solution associates a person’s single identity with their multiple communication apps, not end devices or physical platforms. Security teams gain detection/response capabilities across managed and unmanaged endpoints.