SafeGuard Cyber

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CompanySafeGuard Cyber
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


SafeGuard Cyber is the most comprehensive integrated cloud communications security platform to address cybersecurity threats and compliance risks across the modern cloud workplace. Through a combination of unified visibility, contextual analysis, and multi-channel investigations and detections, SafeGuard Cyber mitigates risks in email, mobile, and web messaging apps, collaboration apps, and social media apps across M365, Teams, Slack, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other messaging channels. Powered by Natural Language Understanding and patented Social Engineering Detection technologies, the SafeGuard Cyber platform reduces time-to-discovery and resolution of social engineering and language-based attacks in over 50 languages. The platform’s API-first, agentless deployment ensures enterprise protection is in place no matter the network or device.

SGC secures business communications against today’s most common and challenging cybersecurity threats, including social engineering attacks, insider threats, ransomware, and phishing. Powered by patented NLU and cross-channel detection technology, the platform can easily detect, isolate, and prevent targeted attacks.

Customers benefit from the platform through capabilities such as:

1. Unified visibility for faster, more efficient company-wide threat detection

2. Contextual analysis of communications for faster detection and alerting of social engineering indicators earlier in the kill chain, such as false urgency, coercive language, persuasion techniques, etc. This analysis adds a crucial layer where defenders can act when training falls short.

3. Cross-channel detection: breaking free of silos, security teams are given a 360 view into the emergence (and movement) of threats within a network.

How we are different

• The increase in communication and collaboration channels to increase productivity means the increase of new attack vectors. Almost half of the business communication (45%) is now in digital channels outside of email, a near quarter percent increase (17%) since 2020. This issue transcends from enterprises to individuals emphasizing SGC’s mission to safeguard human connection.

• SGC’s NLU capability enables easy detection of social engineering attacks, whether the language is spoken or written. Powered by ML and NLU, SafeGuard Cyber ensures the security of enterprise communication channels that other companies can’t.

• Companies can use SGC to detect social engineering attacks in 50+ languages, prevent malware and ransomware from propagating the business, and reduce risk to organizations in human communications. Recently, researchers at SafeGuard Cyber discovered a phishing campaign that impersonates the Japanese train ticketing service, Ekinet. The campaign attempts to lure victims via email into clicking on a malicious URL used to store credit card information or other personal information should the victim fall for the scam. This further emphasizes how SafeGuard Cyber’s advanced NLU and MLD platforms can detect language that native controls can’t.