Additional Info

CompanySafeGuard Cyber
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


SafeGuard Cyber empowers organizations to use social media, mobile chat, and digital channels securely, compliantly, and at the scale of global business. With coverage across 50+ channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, we help security, compliance, and marketing teams work better together to drive business forward. Our clients are unlocking new markets and reaching new customers, all while securing customer interactions and company data.

Our SaaS platform safeguards known assets, and protects against unknown threats on social and digital channels, and across the deep and dark web. Our breakthrough technology uses machine learning to empower companies to protect their brands, company data, IP, and employees by taking immediate action against risks

How we are different

-Comprehensive Coverage - The adoption of social media, collab, and chat apps has created a blindspot in enterprise security, making it difficult to identify data leakage. Security and compliance teams often have limited visibility into these new digital channels, so when data is exfiltrated from the company, they have no idea. Our solution creates visibility by protecting 50+ social and digital channels. We enable teams to use new digital channels, securely, compliantly, and at scale, while protecting against data loss. If data is exfiltrated, we can scan the deep/dark web to identify and notify teams of the leaked information.

-Machine Learning & Scalability - Whether data is leaked on purpose or on accident, security teams need to stop the exfiltration before it happens. Our solution captures all content to manage the full cycle of digital risk protection and feed it into a comprehensive risk-modelling solution. Our platform does more than simply detect specific key words and phrases in outgoing communications. We leverage machine-learning and AI to automatically classify information and assign risk scores. This allows the system to prioritize the most serious incidents while minimizing disruption due to false positives. Combined with real-time threat modelling and behavioral analytics, our platform protects businesses against new and unknown threats.

-Compliance & eDiscovery - Loss of data can also result in compliance violations, especially in heavily regulated industries. Our platform automatically captures full audit trails of every interaction. Our extensive policy engine captures all communication artifacts in natvie format and rich detail, including metadata, conversation threads, links, attachments, and images. The archive provides full metadata, text indexing, audit trail, as well as Boolean logic & proximity search capabilities to assist investigators in collecting key information. Administrations can manage legal holds in place, or export archived data in PST or PDF file format