Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


Satori provides Data Protection and Security for Cloud Data Warehouses. Satori’s secure data access platform transparently integrates with existing data architectures and removes security and privacy constraints from data usage. The solution provides:
Data, Privilege and Usage Visibility: immediate visibility into who has access to what and how data is being used.
Security and Privacy by Design: the ability to alert, block, mask or break glass with data-centric policies and continuous classification and tagging.
Role and Rule Based Access Control: automate provisioning and revoking of data access based on identities, data type and behaviour.

How we are different

* A full solution, not another technology: Satori takes you from visibility to policy to enforcement in one solution and does not require patching multiple technologies together.
* Fast and transparent implementation: setting up the solution takes minutes and does not disrupt or require changes to existing architectures or data usage. Satori SaaS does not require installing anything.
* Security and privacy by design: Satori's continuous classification and tagging of data, identities and behavior allow policies to be applied automatically for any new environment regardless of the technology stack.