Saviynt Healthcare Identity Cloud

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


The healthcare industry faces unique identity management and security challenges from the proliferation of medical devices, evolving compliance regulations, and rotating workforces. Saviynt HIC eliminates security silos and, by introducing a single point of control to manage identity security, addresses specific healthcare identity and security challenges, including seamless patient care delivery, identity proliferation, third-party access risk, and break-glass/emergency access.

Saviynt Healthcare Identity Cloud (HIC) addresses healthcare providers’ unique identity management challenges. The product allows providers to modernize their identity program and remove barriers to patient care delivery by providing frictionless user access, simplified administration and access controls within a single converged framework, centralizing human and machine identity governance, privileged access management, third-party access, and other core identity functions. By streamlining and automating user access and provisioning workflows, users can provide ongoing governance and fine-grained SoD management. Saviynt’s Healthcare Identity Cloud simplifies and streamlines identity-based workloads, eliminating manual processes and alleviating burnout felt by security teams. The solution helps healthcare organizations improve their security posture and maintain regulatory compliance by reducing the complexities around identity management that can directly impact a provider’s ability to deliver patient care.
Saviynt HIC allows complete identity lifecycle automation for EHR systems and fine-grained entitlement management and governance. HIC combines third-party access governance capabilities with separation of duty (SoD) identification and remediation and time-bound access enforcement to deliver continuous compliance. The solution provides built-in duplicate identity management so organizations can adopt “one-identity for life,” even as users change roles or departments. Pre-built templates, control libraries, and application onboarding workflows help provide day-one access.

How we are different

Saviynt's innovative solution empowers the modern workforce and addresses the challenges of securing identities in a virtual environment, ensuring a seamless digital experience, bolstering business continuity, and reducing business risk. Saviynt is purpose-built for the cloud. It converges different aspects of identity, including IAM and PAM, application access, third party access and data access goverance into a converged platform, allowing its enterprise and healthcare-specific customers to leverage a single solution for their identity needs.
CyberArk's tools are siloed, infrastructure-intensive solutions not built for multi-cloud. The solution does not have the identity and risk context that Saviynt's Healthcare Identity Cloud offers, where governance is not an afterthought. Saviynt provides a unified platform for identity and privilege access management, giving customers visibility across the entire environment where privileged access can be effectively managed with governance, contextual risk analytics, intelligence, and recommendations.
Unlike Saviynt’s Healthcare Identity Cloud, Sailpoint's solutions do not feature parity between their on-prem offerings vs. cloud offerings, so they position cloud-hosted 'on-prem' product-line, leaving customers with the same run-and-operate challenges as on-prem solutions. Saviynt is simple to manage because no on-prem components are required to deploy privileged access — and it can scale on-demand as needs change.
Sailpoint's cloud IAM offerings have very limited customization and configuration options and do not have cloud entitlements management, application onboarding, and last-mile provisioning. Saviynt's Healthcare Identity Cloud centralizes controls and risk management for human and machine identity across your organization's hybrid ecosystem, advanced analytics contextualize risk and automate remediation.
Organizations need identity governance for diverse identity types across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises resources, such as a cloud-based, intelligent, intuitive solution that doesn't require lengthy implementations or training time. Saviynt allows customers to automate access workflows, simplify audit and compliance, modernize their architecture, and expedite their Zero Trust journey.