Sealing Technologies, Inc. – C-FLAK Kits and Quark Security Shield Mobile App

Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Sealing Technologies Inc. was founded in 2012 as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) that provides cutting edge research, development, and implementation services.

SealingTech specializes in the areas of Cyber Defense Operations, SIGINT, Cloud Computing, Cross Domain Solutions, Mobile Security, and Mission Critical IT.
We proudly maintain a strong reputation within the DoD for providing effective solutions throughout the entire Engineering Lifecycle. Our team of knowledgeable, subject matter experts have demonstrated years of superior performance and maintain proven capabilities. We hold a Top Secret Facility Clearance, appraised at a CMMI Dev Maturity Level 3, and have a Research and Development Lab within our Headquarters.

At SealingTech we strive to provide cutting edge research, engineering, and integration services, including Engineering & Architecture, Test & Evaluation, Piloting & Prototyping, Integration & Logistics, Training & Exercises, and Operations.

Our goal is to utilize expertise in these fields to support the Federal Government and private industries in accomplishing their objectives in the most efficient and secure manner. We promote an internal culture of professionalism, competency, and creativity that provides our customers with the best possible cost-effective services and products.

We make every effort to contribute our work and experiences back to the community in the form of open source software, best practices, and guides.

How we are different

*The ability to work remotely has become a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sealing Technologies, Inc is helping make this possible for some members of the Department of Defense through their Quark Security Shield application. Shield provides the security baseline for DISA’s DoD Mobility Classified Capability devices. Shield’s unique combination of custom SE for Android policy, Mobile Device Management controls, and threat monitoring produces a hardened device capable of meeting the requirements of the NSA’s Mobile Access Capability Package and the Common Criteria Protection Profiles for accessing classified data. Shield greatly reduces the attack surfaces of the devices by disabling unwanted features and restricting access and behaviors of the permitted applications. The resulting hardened DMCC devices allow authorized users to access classified calls and email, and support for additional features are in progress.
SealingTech focuses on delivering Cybersecurity solutions to customers throughout the Department of Defense in an effort to protect critical infrastructure and mission critical networks. Cyber Defenders have mission kits which are composed of high compute servers, switches, routers, etc. in order to analyze and defend a network. These kits however were large, requiring multiple individuals to transport them, and also required being checked into cargo storage which posed a potential security risk when Cyber Defenders travelled internationally. The Research & Development team at SealingTech focused on developing a solution that decreased the footprint or Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) of these cybersecurity kits without sacrificing processing power. After multiple prototypes and iterations, SealingTech now offers our Cyber Fly Away Kit (C-FLAK) which increased the storage and processing power of the Cyber Defender kits and also allows for transportation as carry on luggage in commercial aircraft allowing for positive control of hardware potentially storing sensitive data.