Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Seclore protects and controls digital assets to help enterprises close their data security gap to prevent data theft and achieve compliance. Their data-centric approach to security ensures that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive digital assets, inside and outside of their organization. With Seclore’s Data-Centric Security Platform, enterprises can set automated policies and enable users to control and revoke who has access, what access they have, and for how long. Leading enterprises like Ford, EA, and American Express choose Seclore to protect and control their digital assets without sacrificing seamless collaboration and data sharing. Every day Seclore protects more than 5 billion documents across 2000+ customers spanning more than 30 countries.

Key Capabilities / Features

The Seclore platform consists of risk insights, data classification, enterprise digital rights management (EDRM), and email encryption. Its risk insights capability allows security teams to understand their organization’s current and prevented risk at-a-glance and explore key factors that contribute to increasing or decreasing risk, including data extraction activities, blocked unauthorized attempts, and how and where sensitive digital assets are being accessed. The data classification capability allows for enterprise-wide visibility, streamlined user experience, automated policy enforcement, and user-driven classification. Seclore’s EDRM protects sensitive information regardless of device or location. Whether a file is on a server, in an email, on a mobile device, or copied to a USB memory stick, unauthorized users will not be able to access the information. Seclore Email Encryption protects sensitive data in emails throughout their lifecycle with granular, persistent usage data security controls – without any user intervention.

How we are different

- While most security products are focused on safeguarding networks and devices, Seclore’s platform instead focuses on securing the data itself. In doing so, granular controls travel with data wherever it goes (inside and outside the enterprise), and they are agnostic to the tech platforms and medium through which data is shared (such as email or file shares), and where it is stored whether on-premises, in the cloud, or with a third-party. This level of control allows enterprises to revoke or update access to digital assets at any time.

- Typically, teams need separate tools for classification and protection. Seclore views classification as a means to an end of protecting data theft and achieving compliance. That’s why Seclore enables enterprises to precisely classify, understand, protect, and control their data across any user, device, application or cloud through one integrated platform.

- Seclore offers real-time changes to access and usage allowing security teams to respond to potential threats as they happen and take steps to prevent them.