Secudrive File Server

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Secudrive
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• Layered Data Security Prevents External and Internal Threats – Most enterprise data security solutions resort to giving the least privilege to their employees. However, restricting access to confidential files only prevents threats from those without authorizations. Against insiders, it is crucial that data security does not stop at ‘before access,’ but rather continues ‘after access,’ as file leakage threats by insider are the most critical. Not all insider threats can be deemed as malicious, but it is important that enterprises take every step to prevent them; Secudrive File Server’s digital rights management ensures that potential threats from authorized individuals are mitigated.
• Data leakage prevention and work productivity made simple with folder-level digital rights management on kernel level using API hooking – While conventional data protection solutions that use digital rights management on the individual file level, Secudrive File Server digital rights management is applied to folder-level that minimizes implementation hassle and operation complexity. Hence the data security with digital rights management can be implemented enterprise-wide, regarding not only the employees but also various applications in their native environment. On a wide range of applications, employees can be restricted from performing potentially risky file activities like file copy, clipboard copy, printing, and screen-capturing while employees work.
• The centralized console provides simple and effective management and logging capabilities for audits – Dealing with hundreds and thousands of files and folders is not an easy task for any IT. Secudrive File Server’s centralized console provides a platform where enterprises can manage and monitor multiple folders and their security policies with simple, yet efficient operability. Furthermore, user and file activities within the protected folders are logged extensively, forming audit trails that will be instrumental in performing regular audits if required.

Brief Overview

Secudrive File Server provides an on-premise, secure file sharing platform that protects enterprise files with digital rights management to ensure insider threat prevention and to maintain work productivity among employees.
1. Prevent Insider Threats with Digital Rights Management – Secudrive File Server provides enterprises with the layered security of digital rights management, which prevents even the authorized insider from leaking confidential data with malicious intentions or by accident.
2. Simple and Effective Folder-level Digital Rights Management – Secudrive File Server integrates digital rights management to folders, rather than individual files, to avoid the complexity that both IT admins and employees otherwise face with conventional file-level EDRM solutions.
3. Maintain Work Productivity on Native Applications – Secudrive File Server stops data leakage at the kernel level by using API hooking, which helps enterprises to enforce digital rights management to any applications ranging from simple word processor tools like MS Word to complex CAD applications.