Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform

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Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform is a proven and award-winning security analytics solution that has been successfully deployed by global companies to detect advanced cyber attacks. Customers include financial institutions, manufacturing companies, technology providers and more.

Seculert analyzes hundreds of terabytes of log data on a weekly basis, created during all stages of the attack lifecycle, to boost the SOC teams efficacy, reducing detection, containment and remediation time:
– Fully automates the breach detection process
– Reports only “true positive” infections…no chasing false positive alerts
– Delivers Incident Response ready reports of attack to the SOC’s remediation process
– Provides continuous visibility into how “owned” an organization is by cyber criminals
– Precisely identifies devices infected by malware beaconing to criminal command & control servers.
– Seculert Protection API provides actionable information to existing security devices and applications

Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform provides browser-based dashboards for the security analyst to rapidly respond to cyber attacks and for the IT executive to gain visibility into the cyber threats targeting their organization and benchmark effectiveness of the response process vs. external and industry peers.

Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform is a cloud-based service and requires no new hardware, software, or agents to be installed.

In 2016, Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform Won Gold for “Best Security Service” From Info Security Product’s Guide Global Excellence Awards –

In 2014, Seculert has been selected by Gartner Inc. as a “Cool Vendor” in Security Infrastructure Protection –

How we are different

Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform provides high fidelity results and reports only “true positive” infections, by design. To do so, it utilizes a combination of big data analytics, machine learning and proprietary contextual data developed by Seculert’s Research Lab to generate unique malware profiles that are used to accurately identify advanced threats.

Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform monitors more than 2 million enterprise users generating vast amounts of data on daily basis. The data crowd-sourced across the global Seculert network provides unique visibility on new and emerging threats and on how commonly deployed prevention technologies are responding to those threats. Leveraging that crowd-sourced threat data allows fast and reliable threat detection and remediation, meaning an infection identified in one domain can almost immediately benefit all others.

Built from the ground up to run fully in the cloud and leverage its unlimited computing capabilities, Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform performs all of the big data analytics necessary to find new attacks without deploying new hardware, new software, or changes in SOC workflow. Not only does this deliver faster, more accurate reports of new attacks, it does so for a fraction of the cost of premises-based and hybrid solutions.