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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)WinMagic Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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Among the many benefits offered by WinMagic’s SecureDoc CloudVM solution, three main features stand out:

Ultimate and Exclusive Control of Encryption Keys
• What’s key to the success of the solution, and unique to WinMagic, is that CloudVM gives customers ultimate control of their data security. While all third-party cloud providers carefully secure their cloud perimeter and infrastructure, ultimate responsibility for security of the sensitive data is still a customer’s responsibility. SecureDoc CloudVM allows enterprises to fully encrypt virtual servers and data within any hypervisor – preventing data breaches, unapproved copying and snapshots, relocation, public cloud exploitation and other threats. Any encryption keys are in full control of the enterprise, with no copies or access being provided to the CSP. This aids in preventing unauthorized access by CSP insiders, unauthorized employees, and even Government Agencies.

Fast & responsive performance for Windows and Linux VMs
• SecureDoc CloudVM offers the industry’s only online conversion for both Windows and Linux; VM encryption can occur whether active and live, or when offline, not forcing enterprises to turn down or wait for VMs to complete encryption. That time-savings can result in considerable cost savings for enterprises.

Unique and Industry-leading Pre-boot Authentication for virtual workloads
• SecureDoc CloudVM offers the utmost flexibility for customers seeking a strong single authentication and encryption platform. SecureDoc secure pre-boot authentication is the industry’s leading pre-boot network authentication solution and ensures authentication and authorized key distribution takes place prior to workloads being deployed. It ensures the right person is accessing data from the authorized data center and geography, at the right time under authorized conditions. The authentication process is completely automated, freeing resources to undertake other tasks.

Brief Overview

WinMagic has a very unique approach to Cloud Security, making it a visionary in the Cloud Security and virtualization space. WinMagic quickly identified that a proper foundation for data security meant that enterprises needed to have ultimate responsibility and control over their own data, and that the current model of most Cloud Service Providers (CSP) created a number of data security gaps: encryption keys being accessible by CSP admins, OS-specific security, lack of portability compliance, addition of disparate solutions, etc. SecureDoc CloudVM’s in-guest encryption solution ensures that encryption keys remain in the exclusive control of the enterprise at all times, greatly reducing the risk of data breach due to key loss or unauthorized access. The solution also offers many other unique features not available through other similar cloud security solutions.

Enterprises can now take advantage of a single enterprise controlled platform for all their cloud security strategies, and enforce policies on who can decrypt data, so that even when it leaves the enterprise, it remains encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. This same policy engine can be used to enforce regulatory compliance, good governance and legal requirements on the protection of data. The experience is transparent and near frictionless for end-users, unlike other solutions impacting performance/productivity.

Customers have moved to the cloud or virtualized environment under continually increasing pressure to deliver more value for less cost. SecureDoc CloudVM helps reduce the daily administration burdens by simplifying the tasks associated with securing theses environments – ultimately reducing costs. SecureDoc Enterprise Server – an integral component of WinMagic’s encryption and key management control solution, provides IT Administrators full remote management and deployment capability via the SES console, allowing administrators to simultaneously view all VMs, workloads and cloud instances, with positive identification of which VMs are secured – and providing the tools necessary to immediately bring them back into compliance.