Security Mentor Training Program

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CompanySecurity Mentor
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Security Mentor’s training program significantly reduces an organization’s risk by raising end user awareness about security risks and cyber-attacks, while concurrently teaching end-users secure behaviors. Our comprehensive training curriculum addresses critical security topics including phishing and email security, office security, safe web browsing, social engineering, mobile security, and data privacy and protection.

Security Mentor’s pioneering Brief, Frequent, and Focused™ training delivery model of 10-minute long, single topic lessons released once a month revolutionizes how employees learn security, jettisoning tedious and poorly retained once-a-year training sessions with training designed to fit employees’ busy work schedules and keep security top of mind. The foundation of our groundbreaking lessons are the custom interactions and serious games designed to convey critical security information in an easy-to-understand, fun format that is memorable. We also excel at capturing interest and changing behavior by combining robust security content with hand-illustrated graphics, sleek animations, and interactive content that is both relevant and engaging. Security content is written by certified information security professionals ensuring its accuracy and relevancy.

Security Mentor offers a full suite of services to assist organizations in providing effective security training and education for business, government, and non-profit end-users. Training delivery is flexible either using our Cloud-based service, with authentication via username/password or Federated Single Sign-on, or by providing SCORM-compliant modules for an organization’s Learning Management System (LMS). The Security Mentor hosted LMS makes training administration simple, tracking and reporting employee training, along with providing an automated email notification system that greatly enhances training participation. For organizations needing assistance with implementing or improving their security awareness programs, we provide in-person training services both for corporate management and security staff, with programs taught by our trainers who have real-world experience running enterprise security programs

How we are different

• Security Mentor’s pioneering Brief, Frequent, and Focused™ training delivery model of 10-minute, single-topic lessons, delivered monthly has revolutionized security awareness training. Brief lessons fit busy work schedules, and monthly training keeps security top of mind. This model has been so successful that it is now widely adopted in the industry.

• Security Mentor revolutionized security education. Trainees love our training, leading to high participation rates and real behavior change. Here’s why. Each custom-designed Security Mentor lesson captures interest using beautiful illustrations, intriguing animations, and relevant interactions that are both fun and informative. Based on strong instructional design principles, lessons are memorable, enabling employees to remember security long after training is taken. And although training focuses on the workplace, lessons provide employees with information that helps keep them safe at home too, making it relevant to their personal lives.

• Security Mentor continually innovates our robust training program to ensure we exceed client’s expectations and needs. Flexible delivery options provide training as a cloud-based service from Security Mentor with username/password authentication or Federated Single Sign-on (SSO), or as SCORM 1.2 compliant modules for use in an organization’s own Learning Management System (LMS). Localized in nine languages, global corporations can provide training not only in specific languages, but also with region-appropriate examples and dialogue. Recently introduced gamification feature rewards end-users’ individual achievements and adds motivation through group competition. Recognizing the need for integrated management of all aspects of end-user security and compliance, we also added a new service enabling organizations to upload their security policies to our system, which then tracks and reports end users reading of policies and their attestation to comply with them.