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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)SecurityMetrics
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Relevant subject matter: Episodes are designed to build on subscribers’ current knowledge, and let them “listen in” to expert conversations about relevant and real issues in cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, and threat intelligence.

Host Jen Stone brings understanding and experience with over 100 security assessments and 20 years in IT under her belt. With past experience inDevOps and Development, she thinks in terms of big picture systems, which allows her to ask the questions that provoke compelling conversations.

SecurityMetrics Podcast is produced in house, by a tightly coordinated team. The production team aims to maintain the podcast’s vision, goals, and mission throughout the entire process, from ideation to final product and promotion.

Brief Overview

SecurityMetrics Podcast is an audio/video production created for industry professionals (like CISOs and IT Managers), as well as security novices and casual listeners. Host and Principal Security Analyst Jen Stone (MCIS, CISSP, CISA, QSA) sits down with experts from sectors including data security, compliance, privacy, and payments. Episodes feature guests from companies like MasterCard, Liberty Mutual, Amazon, and Radical Security. The podcast also brings on educators, journalists, as well as security analysts and C-levels from SecurityMetrics to dig down into the details of security and serve a large, diverse subscriber base.

The podcast is distributed bi-monthly to over 2400 subscribers and is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple and Stitcher. Episodes are also posted on our website, in our Learning Center. We want to break security concepts down well enough that anyone can understand top cybersecurity threats, how to address them, and what that would look like in a day to day setting.

The podcast is set to enter its second season in January, with slated guests including CISOs, HIPAA compliance advisors, analysts, and security consultants.