Securonix Security Operations & Analytics Platform

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Since winning a coveted leaders spot in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Securonix has invested further in expanding the capabilities of its Next-Gen SIEM. In the space of 12 months, Securonix has cloud enabled its entire solution, and broadened it to include SOAR 2.0, NTA and a comprehensive Cloud Connectors program. Together this has become the Securonix Security Operations & Analytics Platform. It accounts for 90 percent of all new business, 100 percent of the company’s growing MSSP led business and more than 30 percent of existing clients have migrated to it. This would not have happened without huge investment in data science, engineering and leadership.

Hybrid is the new normal, with enterprise environments featuring classic on prem application, virtualized and data center infrastructure, with cloud and cloud-based applications all equal targets to hackers. The Securonix Security Operations & Analytics Platform is the first Next-Gen SIEM to not only include UEBA at its heart, but be a total cloud solution, with complete functional parity to its on prem version. SIEM, UEBA, Security Data Lake, SOAR 2.0 and Network Traffic Analysis all delivered as a Cloud SaaS solution, with zero infrastructure for businesses to manage. Analysts are refocused on Threat Detection and Remediation, while the platforms orchestration playbooks simplify and automate response. T1 functions are reduced, returning further analyst and management resource to investigation and strategy planning.

How we are different

• Securonix Cloud Platform has attained SOC2 HiTrust and AWS Security Competency Partner status in 2019, validating our compliance offerings, and demonstrating operation security creditability.
• Securonix has always been a contributor to the threat intelligence community, however 2019 saw Securonix take the Mitre Att&ck framework to its head, directly integrated the 350+ use cases into its threat chain content and response engine. With the Securonix Cloud Platform’s unlimited scalability, this makes real the vision of big data and real time interactive IOC (incidents of compromise) detection and remediation. Securonix will continue to invest in this and other community efforts.
• Securonix is invested in this evolutionary strategy of putting analytics and automation at the heart of cyber security operations, and is well positioned to succeed in bridging the gap, or 3 million cyber security professionals, and the needs of enterprise security.