SeeMetrics: Cybersecurity Performance Management Platform

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The cybersecurity “tool sprawl” has created a tangled web of data, analyses, and overlapping cybersecurity products. Deriving insights currently relies on expensive consultants or static questionnaires that show a time-limited snapshot – not a real-time picture of the complex trends shaping security posture.

The result is that cybersecurity professionals are overloaded and there is no easy way to understand how their tools are performing, which capabilities are missing, and how to reallocate manpower and resources based on the gaps. More crucially, security workforce leaders have trouble quantifying the effectiveness – and justifying the expense – of security programs to stakeholders.

SeeMetrics offers a new way to manage cybersecurity performance: an accurate, accessible, actionable Bloomberg-like cybersecurity dashboard. We show security team leaders a birds-eye view of overall capabilities (e.g.,, where the gaps are in ransomware readiness) while enabling them to zoom-in on the all-important details (e.g., identifying the critical devices to patch).

According to Gartner, the emerging CPM category is “designed to continually assess the current performance and dynamically plan a strategic and business-aligned approach…based on defined goals and business outcomes.” Unlike other solutions, SeeMetrics derives insights directly from the stack, providing a continuous feed on how controls are actually performing. This lets security leaders establish a data-driven security posture baseline across all security programs based on the truest source — the tools.

The metrics have significant implications on where security leaders allocate manpower, how they rationalize their stacks, and to which critical cybersecurity areas they channel resources. They help bring operational tools in-line with budget and human resources goals, proactively manage budget, and streamline program management.

How we are different

1. SeeMetrics changes CISO perspectives

Even as they are held increasingly accountable by both regulators and management, CISOs are managing too much information from too many security solutions. They’re making crucial decisions without being able to see the forest through the trees.

SeeMetrics' Gartner-recognized Cybersecurity Performance Management solution continuously harvests, correlates, and analyzes metrics from the many tools that make up today’s security stack. Then we deliver, in real-time, the bigger picture and the drill-down perspective to security leaders.

2) SeeMetrics crystalizes CISO strategic value

Are the policies being enforced? How effectively? How compliant are we at this moment? Because these questions are hard to answer, it’s challenging for CISOs to demonstrate value.

SeeMetrics helps security leaders establish a data-driven security posture baseline – across all security platforms and all organizational entities. Leveraging this, SeeMetrics clearly displays progress and trends in a way that CISOs can easily communicate – even to execs with less security awareness and training.

3) SeeMetrics changes the security program conversation

CISOs can no longer rely on scare stats and overstated risk exposures. Today’s security programs need to demonstrate tangible, quantifiable value.

Yet to prove return on investment to internal stakeholders, security leaders need metrics that are aligned with business goals and quantifiable in business terms.

SeeMetrics transforms static, distributed security programs into a mature, consolidated central security stack with a foundation of baselines, KPIs and benchmarks. This offers a consistent representation of how well-covered the organization is, how well-utilized the organizational stack is, how prepared the organization is against threats, and how security tools are performing over time.