Segra’s Hosted Firewall Services

Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


Data protection is critical for companies of any size in any industry. Segra’s Firewall Protection provides advanced network security protection, without consuming IT resources. Segra collaborates with their customers in the design, configuration, installation, management and maintenance of their firewall solution, so customers can focus on their core business.

Segra takes data protection seriously, and that’s why Segra’s Firewall Protection service leads the industry as a next-generation security solution. Configured and scaled to the specific needs of each business, Segra’s hosted firewall protection guards all network traffic, identifies threats, and applies security policies to block malicious actions and provide insight into network usage. The cloud-based service delivers quick activation, detection, and response from a safe data center environment. Hosting a firewall with Segra also provides significant savings on costs and resources to businesses that need to protect large networks, shifting the burden of continuous software maintenance and hardware obsolesce away from the business.

How we are different

1.Segra Hosted Firewall services provide an industry leading comprehensive, multi-layered, approach to security. Segra’s offerings work together to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with blended attacks while coordinating security alerting, logging, reporting, compliance and response.

2. The Hosted Firewall service applies security policies to all Internet traffic traversing customer networks. The policies are determined by the level of firewall protection customers select. Segra configures the service based on customers’ chosen protection level and then activates, monitors and manages the customized firewall. Because the service is cloud-based, deployment is quick and threat updates are fast.

3. All Hosted Firewall customers are served from a carrier-grade, geo-redundant platform that is housed in a data center environment. This infrastructure ensures Segra provides the best customer experience and the highest level of protection possible.