Senhasegura 360º Privilege Platform

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionSouth America
Type of solutionHybrid


Organizations want to move their applications to the cloud, but they are often concerned about managing access securely. While cloud providers ensure compliance for their infrastructure and environment, compliance with security requirements and risk mitigation is still the customer’s responsibility. According to Gartner, 99% of data leaks that occurred in cloud environments were the responsibility of the customer.

As companies move to the cloud, they need to ensure maximum governance over the creation of access keys in cloud environments and to minimize cybersecurity risks. Senhasegura’s 360o Privilege Platform offers an integrated, multi-cloud IAM that allows users to simplify security, meet global compliance requirements, and reduce costs in the cloud. Senhasegura’s Cloud IAM offers multi-cloud support that provides automated provisioning, de-provisioning and access flows for users and access keys, helping ensure full compliance with all data in the cloud.

Senhasegura’s Cloud IAM offers:
• Complete management of user access to cloud resources and services
• Access Security: Higher level of security for administrative access to virtual machines.
• Access Keys: Senhasegura Cloud IAM prevents access keys from being created unnecessarily.
• Traceability: Assigning individual accountability for all privileged user activities.
• Integration: Incorporation of Senhasegura into task automation tools for transparent provisioning of new accounts through APIs.

Senhasegura’s 360o Privilege Platform helps secure both human and machine access to a company’s most valuable assets whether on prem or in the cloud, including servers, databases, IoT, network devices and DevOps. It offers technically advanced features yet was designed for simplicity and ease of use; it can be installed in a matter of minutes, resulting in the fastest time-to-value for clients. The Company’s commitment to an exceptional user experience has resulted in consistently high marks for customer satisfaction, earning it a 5/5 in Gartner’s Peer Insights and a perfect 100% recommendation score over the last 12 months.

How we are different

• As a leading PAM provider, Senhasegura is unique in offering a fully integrated Cloud IAM solution as part of its 360º Privilege Platform, giving security teams the ability to easily manage privileged identities in the cloud, including the control and tracking of creation and deletion and access keys in the cloud, replacing encrypted and visible application credentials with rotating credentials for increased security, and centralized management through intuitive dashboards

• Senhasegura is fiercely committed to an exceptional customer experience; the Company’s 360º Privilege Platform was designed with powerful capabilities yet can be installed in minutes. Senhasegura consistently receives the highest marks from Gartner Peer Insights and other industry peer reviews.

• Senhasegura offers a full-featured, modern approach to PAM, offering many different capabilities integrated and managed with the same user interface, including: Identity Management, Insider Threats, Cloud Identity and Governance Administration (IGA), DevOps Secrets Manager, Privilege Abuse, PAM, Remote Session Monitoring, Remote Access Management, Auditing and Recording, Certificate Management and MySafe personal password manager