Sevco Cloud-Native Security Asset Operations Platform

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CompanySevco Security
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


While organizations often own the right tools to secure their businesses, they have little insight into how these investments are deployed across their environments.Limited visibility upends the foundation of every major security framework, presenting a security challenge: you can’t protect what you can’t see.

The asset inventory challenge boils down to two painpoints. First is siloed systems. While many tools report inventory, they’re limited to their perspective of the environment. No single system provides a comprehensive view of all assets, making it impossible for teams to have confidence security controls extend across the environment. CMDBs are universally untrusted because they’re haphazardly populated by siloed discovery tools without verification or reconciliation. People and processes working with bad data will have bad results.

The second is maintaining accuracy in a dynamic environment. Current approaches to asset inventory rely on periodic snapshots but miss critical details of the changes between them. Snapshots of inventory at specific points in time don’t capture the details of what has transpired in between those points of time. It’s not enough for time to be accounted for in the process of creating a comprehensive asset inventory: time must become a primary dimension.

Sevco’s cloud-native security asset operations platform is the first solution to operationalize the use of asset information. It continuously aggregates disparate data sources to produce correlated inventory – “Asset Telemetry” – and publishes it for use by other IT systems, enabling the operationalization of asset inventory the same way EDR did for detection and response. Users can make sense of data that they already have, making their existing products and procedures more effective – with little or no change to them.

Sevco is the only solution that delivers real-time inventory while tracking the state of every asset across the enterprise at any point in time.

How we are different

Sevco’s platform drives innovation to asset management in three areas: (1) a converged, multi-source asset inventory, so customers have a complete view of their assets, (2) Enterprise Asset Telemetry, so customers can explain why inventory changed from one day to the next, and (3) by publishing data into existing IT systems, so customers can act on the data with little change to existing processes.

Converged Asset Inventory: Many existing asset inventory sources only report a subset of inventory due to their technology-limited view of the environment. While those single-source solutions provide value in specific situations, they don't help customers understand their whole picture. By importing asset inventory from existing solutions, Sevco aligns our product’s value with the customer’s problem: an inventory of all assets -- with no gaps in confidence.
Asset Telemetry: Converged inventory is necessary but only represents the current state. The gaps become clear when an executive asks, “why did the total device count change from last week to this week? What was added? What was removed?” It becomes clear when an incident responder asks “who had IP yesterday at 12:10pm?” These questions cannot be answered with just snapshots of the current state.
Publishing to Other IT systems: Comprehensive, accurate asset inventory and asset telemetry is the first step, but to provide true organizational value we must also enable customers to do something with their enhanced picture. A natural reaction is automated remediation or some variation thereof, but that is treating the symptom, not the disease. There are existing people, processes and products responsible for addressing these issues. They’re not “bad,” but they’re working on bad data. By publishing good data into the products already in use, we enable the people and processes to be more effective with little or no impact on operations.