SharkStriker – The Threat Striking Experts

Additional Info

CompanySharkStriker Inc.
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionService


SharkStriker is a global cybersecurity service provider based in the USA. It builds upon its ORCA philosophy to hunt and mitigate the most sophisticated attacks. Its team of experts consists of Threat Researchers, Threat Hunters, Malware Analysts, Incident Responders, Domain Experts, etc., who work round the clock. The ORCA represents Observe, Respond, Compliance, and Awareness and covers end-to-end cybersecurity.

We have our Security Operations Centers (SOCs) across the globe. Our cybersecurity experts working in these global SOCs leverages industry best practices and our threat lab for research and real-time threat hunting. Our white-labeled ORCA-based cybersecurity platform allows easy integration with any existing security solution to enable our experts to deliver robust security. We also have an in-house expert team of SIEM administrators, threat hunters, incident responders, assessment experts, network security experts, endpoint security experts, cloud security experts, and compliance experts. These experts leverage our widespread SOCs and comprehensive cybersecurity platform to carry out best-in-class security operations to ensure optimal resilience.

How we are different

Our cybersecurity experts, or ORCAs, as we like to call them, leverages our ORCA philosophy for real-time threat hunting and response through our global SOCs. The ORCA philosophy is taken from the real-life world. Sharks only fear the killer whale or ORCA. SharkStriker’s unique platform acts as the ORCA to strike all the sharks in the cybersecurity ocean. Through our ORCA philosophy, our elite team of ORCAs provides hands-on keyboard-based incident response and human-led threat hunting.

We offer a white-labeled SOC-as-a-Service wherein our ORCAs work as an extended team of experts for MSPs and MSSPs. We have taken this white-labeled approach to fight the increasing cyberattacks. Many MSPs and MSSPs are willing to offer many security operations and services for revenue. However, the cost and skills required to build a 24/7 SOC team hold them back. Cybersecurity professionals believe that the skills gap has only gotten worse. Through our white-labeled approach, we empower MSPs and MSSPs to deploy a SOC along with our extended ORCA experts to manage them.

Our ORCAs use the ORCA philosophy-based cybersecurity platform to deliver SOC-as-a-Service for monitoring, detecting, investigating, and responding to threats 24/7. They have the right set of expertise gained with the help of continuous research in the threat lab. Our threat researchers, XDR/SIEM experts are all capable of creating advanced detection and correlation rules to detect and prevent adversary behaviors. The ORCAs work round the clock for continuous proactive monitoring and real-time threat-striking with a team of incident responders.