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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Founded in 2008, SHIELD is a device-first risk AI platform. Combining over a decade of expertise, a global presence, and the latest AI & machine learning technology, we are creating the world-leading technology and setting new benchmarks in the industry. Despite our team of fewer than 100 employees, our solution outperforms expectations, showcasing remarkable efficiency and effectiveness that surpasses competitors five to ten times our size.

We specialize in helping mobile apps build trust and safety by stopping all fraud and abuse. SHIELD identifies the root of fraud with device identification (SHIELD Device ID). It accurately identifies the physical device behind fake accounts, and analyzes thousands of device, network, and behavioral data to provide actionable risk intelligence in real time, stopping account takeovers, fake reviews, location spoofing, identity fraud, referral & promo abuse, payment fraud, and more.

Our Device-First Risk AI Platform can be used to complement existing risk engines or as a stand-alone solution. It is easily deployed in minutes via Javascript (for web) or iOS & Android SDKs (for app), supports Unity, React Native, Flutter and Cordova, and does not require PII data to start.

We are trusted by global unicorns like inDrive, Alibaba, Swiggy, Meesho, TrueMoney, and more. With offices in San Francisco, Miami, London, Berlin, Jakarta, Bengaluru, Beijing, and Singapore, we are rapidly achieving our mission – eliminating unfairness to enable trust for the world.

How we are different

- SHIELD is specialized in mobile app fraud and work with a wide variety of industries and businesses, including:

- inDrive, the second most downloaded ride-hailing app in the world. It operates in 700+ cities across 48 countries.

Using SHIELD’s solution to detect and eliminate fraud threats in real time, inDrive increased the genuine user rate by 99.7% and elevated their ROI by over 2,500%

- Maya, the #1 digital bank app in the Philippines with over 2.3 million bank customers.

Using SHIELD’s solution, Maya is able to prevent account takeover attacks and stop promo abuse for platform and merchant partners.

- Atlas:Earth, the top real estate metaverse globally with 1.5 million US players.

Using the SHIELD’s solution, Atlas:Earth eliminated cheating across Android and iOS and provided absolute confidence for 1.5 million players in a fair playing field.

- SHIELD also enables online platforms to stay proactive against new and unknown fraud attacks with our Global Intelligence Network, a continuously updating fraud library of the latest fraud patterns across all industries and the latest malicious techniques.

SHIELD’s solution analyzes worldwide over 7 billion devices and more than 1 billion user accounts every year. We leverage this intelligence to synchronize real-time attack patterns, ensuring a proactive approach to fraud prevention.

- SHIELD values diversity in an inclusive workplace, with teams around the world from 14 different nationalities (and expanding), who collectively speak more than 20 languages. We maintain a balanced gender ratio of 50:50 with over 50% of leadership positions are held by women.