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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Siemplify created a purpose-built platform for security orchestration and automation designed for complete security operations and incident response management. The platform empowers security operations teams to make better decisions and respond to incidents faster.

By integrating with more than 180 of the security tools SOC teams use most, Siemplify streamlines and enriches security operations. The platform is unique in its space for providing automated alert clustering, which groups related alerts into cases so analysts are able to triage and remediate more alerts with less effort. And Siemplify was the first in its category to offer highly visual investigation capabilities that give security operations and incident response teams a clear view of the threat storyline – from affected entities and their relationships to the timeline of an attack.

Because of its innovative approach, Siemplify is on track to continue its exponential growth, with a 532% year-over-year increase in customer bookings and 350% growth in its customer base in the first half of 2018. Recent wins include a Gartner Magic Quadrant-ranked MSSP, a multi-billion-dollar consumer packaged goods company and a Forbes global 500 telecommunications company.

How we are different

• Siemplify is the only platform in its category to automatically group related alerts into cases. Customers have seen as many as 50 disparate alerts grouped into a single, workable case.

• Siemplify's robust visual investigation capabilities are unique, giving an analyst all the details they need to manage a threat in a single screen.

• Only Siemplify is designed to be a complete SOC workbench, bringing together the management of people, processes and technology in a single pane of glass. Much like Salesforce for sales teams and Marketo for marketing teams, Siemplify is designed by analysts for analysts to serve as the hub for security operations teams.