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Company size (employees)25-30
Type of solutionSoftware


SilentDefense is the most advanced and mature OT network monitoring and intelligence platform. SilentDefense leverages the patented technology “Deep Protocol Behaviour Inspection” developed by SecurityMatters to passively analyses industrial network communications, provides rich information about network assets and alerts in real-time for any threat.

SilentDefense features several detection and analysis modules that allows end users to define the best analysis and detection strategy based on their requirements, including:
– Asset inventory and network map. Delivers full knowledge and awareness of your network through SilentDefense’s automatic asset inventory and device fingerprinting features. Thanks to an advanced interactive network map users can understand device behavior, threats and vulnerabilities.
– Visual network analytics. End users can monitor in real-time network flows and industrial protocol operations through numerous graphs and widgets. End users can customize and filter views to analyze network activity and device behavior. It is possible to leverage historical data to perform visual forensic analysis.
– Network and protocol whitelists. This module automatically learns and validates network communication patterns and process operations with the most in-depth analysis of industrial protocols. It allows to identify rogue and malfunctioning devices, intrusions and attacks, and undesired configuration changes before they can affect the process. Unlike traditional machine learning algorithms, learned network models are fully editable and configurable
– Industrial Threat Library. End users can benefit from the knowledge and experience gained by SecurityMatters during hundred of deployments, and integrated into SilentDefense’s Industrial Threat Library, to detect out of the box and with no configuration effort hundreds of industry specific threats.

How we are different

- SilentDefense has revolutionized the way organizations monitor and protect their industrial networks, being the first product on the market to employ advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to detect all kind of anomalies and threats to industrial networks. SilentDefense detects and reports not only cyber attacks, but also misconfiguration, operational errors, malfunctions, etc.
- SilentDefense empowers industrial operators with unrivaled visibility, threat detection capability and control of their network. SilentDefense instantly delivers true actionable intelligence to its customers, allowing them to take timely decisions and remediate to potential disruptive events, be those malicious or unintentional
- SilentDefense has been selected by several renowned system integrators and technology vendors (such as BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Check Point, Leonardo, Palo Alto Networks, Phoenix Contact, and several others) to complement their offering and product portfolio and provide unmatched added value to their customers