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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionService


Simeio is a global managed services provider offering Identity and Access Management solutions delivered as a service and interoperable with leading IAM tools. With 700+ employees worldwide, Simeio secures over 160 million identities globally for large enterprises and government entities.
Services – IAM Advisory & Consulting Services, IAM Implementation Services, IDaaS & IAM Managed Services, IAM Optimization Services.
Customer Identity & Access Management, Privileged Access Management, Identity Proofing, Access Management & Federation, Identity Governance & Administration, Application Onboarding, and Simeio Identity Orchestrator.

The company has been recognized for its business and technical leadership and rated high by Gartner, Forrester, and Kuppinger Cole

How we are different

- Simeio's Identity Orchestrator is a platform that enables Identity Convergence, Identity Detection and Remediation and helps organization operate their IAM program better, all through one platform.
- Simeio introduced its next generation application onboarding service in 2021 that supports organizations onboard applications to their IAM program 3X faster, with 50% less team size and saves 80% cost. Traditional app onboarding on the contrary is slow, requires dedicated teams, and often cumbersome.
- Simeio is one of the only Managed Identity Services provider offering services and solutions that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model. The company manages end to end IAM implementations, and ensures that identity tools and technologies that clients own or implement operate the way it should to derive the best ROI. Most identity tools and technology vendors do not provide the end to end service that Simeio provides. The entire IAM environment can be monitored from the Simeio Operations Center (SOC) to protect against any anomalous or malicious actions that safeguards organizations from possible cyberattacks.