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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Websites experience on average a staggering 59 attacks per day, per website. SiteLock INFINITY is a state-of-the-art malware and vulnerability detection and remediation solution featuring unique, patent-pending technology to help website owners stay ahead of the ever-changing cyber landscape.

Although big corporation breaches, like Equifax, continue to dominate media headlines, it’s the SMB website owner who is at the greatest risk of a potentially crippling security breach as they typically manage their own websites and are unaware of the time or resources required to ensure adequate protection. Cyber threats are so prevalent today, it’s not uncommon for websites to have undetected malware or open vulnerabilities for long periods of time before they’re discovered. As a result of undetected malware or open vulnerabilities, website owners are at risk for being blacklisted at any time, costing possible revenue and loss of reputation.

INFINITY combines deep website scanning, automatic malware removal and core content management system (CMS) security patching with unrivaled accuracy and frequency, delivering the highest level of protection against security threats and vulnerabilities. INFINITY is designed to scan a website from the outside-in and the inside-out and catches any trace of malware before damage is done.

In addition, INFINITY provides comprehensive, continuous scanning to ensure maximum protection against new malware with up to the minute updates. Without interfering with the user experience, website files are downloaded and include daily scans ranging from: file, web application, network, spam, domain, WordPress database and vulnerability scans like SQL Injection (SQLi) and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

As the only product on the market to offer continuous scanning, automatic malware removal and complete automated CMS core security patching, INFINITY offers unparalleled protection in today’s evolving cyber world.

How we are different

Continuous Scanning and Automatic Malware Removal: Staying ahead of threats and hackers with real time, automated threat protection is key to protecting websites in today’s evolving threat landscape. Most security solutions provide daily malware scans, while INFINITY offers continual scanning. This ensures maximum protection while mitigating damage and the spread of malware on the customer’s website. Using proprietary technology, INFINITY also identifies new malware strains faster than any other tool on the market. Unlike other solutions, INFINITY doesn’t just alert customers that malware has been detected on their website, but automatically removes it. This ensures customers have peace of mind that their websites are consistently safe and secure.

Automated CMS Core Security Patching: Open source content management system (CMS) applications provide a user-friendly platform for building websites, and represent almost 50% of sites online right now. However, CMS platforms and plugins can carry significant security risk if they aren’t running the latest security patches. With CMS core security patching for WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal, websites are automatically patched when new security updates are released. This not only provides peace of mind that the highest level of website protection is in place, but also allows customers to complete seamless full version updates on their own timeline.

Sophisticated Threat Protection & Remediation: With a massive dataset of over 12 million websites, INFINITY has the ability to continuously scan a website’s files for more than 10 million sophisticated security threats in each scan, without any impact on the customer experience. These comprehensive scans include file, web application, network, spam, domain, and WordPress database, as well as vulnerability scans like SQL Injection (SQLi) and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). Combined with the company’s dedicated research team, product development efforts and massive scale, SiteLock offers the highest level of threat protection and remediation in the industry.