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SiteLock INFINITY is a state of the art malware and vulnerability remediation service featuring unique, patent-pending technology. INFINITY combines deep website scanning and automatic malware removal with unrivaled accuracy and frequency. Designed to scan a website from the end-user’s point of view, it catches any trace of malware before the user does.

INFINITY provides comprehensive, continuous scanning to ensure maximum protection against today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. Without interfering with the user experience, website files are downloaded and scanned for malicious scripts, algorithms, backdoor files, and code. By downloading over two terabytes (TB) of new source code each month, INFINITY has the depth and breadth to identify new malware threats, as well as identify sophisticated vulnerabilities, faster than other leading security providers.

The service includes comprehensive, daily scans ranging from: file, web application, network, domain, SQL Injection (SQLi), and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) scans. Benefits include:

– Continuous Scanning: Unlike other providers that scan websites a mere once a day, SiteLock INFINITY scans continually all day. Once the scan completes, it scans again — as often as multiple times every hour to ensure maximum coverage and protection.

– Automatic Malware Removal: Due to INFINITY’s high scanning frequency, malware is found and removed essentially the moment it hits, thereby mitigating its spread to other areas of a network.

– Vulnerability Detection and Remediation: INFINITY scans websites — any and all malware is detected from the inside-out, as well as the outside-in. Scans look for sophisticated vulnerabilities — like Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injections (SQLi).

How we are different

- Websites experience 22 attacks per day on average. That’s more than 8,000 attacks per year, per website, according to recent SiteLock data. As cyberattacks increase, it is no longer a matter of if you’ll be attacked—it’s when. SiteLock INFINITY provides always-on, continuous scanning to detect and automatically remove malware the moment it hits. Once the initial site scan is complete, it scans again to ensure constant surveillance and protection. INFINITY is part of the SiteLock cloud-based product portfolio that contributes to scanning more than 200 million web pages and analyzing over 300 million source code files each day. It helps to automatically clean more than 50,000 malware-infected websites every month. INFINITY is the only cloud-based service that can deliver this level of scanning protection.

- SiteLock protects more than 6 million websites worldwide. Its mission is to protect every website on the Internet. Due to an explosive 479 percent growth rate, SiteLock was recently named the fastest growing software company in Arizona on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 for the second year in a row.

- A recent report from the Tolly Group confirmed that traditional virus scanning applications and endpoint security solutions are not designed to detect or remove web-based cyberthreats and malware. Testing a group of nearly 3,000 web-based malware examples to determine effectiveness, the independent testing group concluded that SiteLock scanning solutions were able to detect and clean 100 percent of the samples, compared to traditional endpoint solutions that miss more than 90 percent of web-based malware attacks when used alone.