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Company size (employees)100 to 499
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Threat researchers warn that generative AI is already being used maliciously to automate thousands of uniquely tailored phishing messages and variations of those messages, which increases threat actors’ success rates. Recent developments with ChatGPT, for example, are enabling threat actors to supercharge their attacks, particularly when it comes to Business Email Compromise (BEC). SlashNext’s State of Phishing report revealed a 1,265% increase in phishing emails since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022.

SlashNext’s AI technology uses Relationship Graphs & Contextual Analysis, NLP Processing, BEC Generative AI, Computer Vision Recognition, File Attachment Inspection and Sender Impersonation Analysis to stop 65% more zero-hour, BEC, links and files threats.

The revolutionary BEC Generative AI identifies the vast numbers of potential AI-generated BEC threats by using AI data augmentation and cloning technologies. First, it identifies and assesses new threats (e.g. a new BEC attack), and then spawns thousands of other versions of that same core threat, which enables the system to train itself on possible variations that are likely imminent from the same threat actor. In this way, SlashNext AI is mimicking the exact manner in which threat actors are leveraging ChatGPT and similar tools to launch new attacks, but training itself to identify and block these threats before they can reach victims. Extending SlashNext’s existing AI Zero-Hour Protection, these technologies work together to stop 65% more Zero-Hour threats including BEC, links and files, and remediate threats with a 99.9% detection rate.

SlashNext sources an enormous database for zero-hour detections to analyze 700,000 new threats per day. SlashNext AI is extremely effective in the ability to spot how threat actors play off human emotions, such as sending “Urgent!” requests that ask users to quickly take wrong actions based on fear. SlashNext AI simulates those same human emotions and behaviors in its detection process.

Key Capabilities / Features

With its multi-layered AI approach, SlashNext is the first to offer the most complete protection against the latest evolution of email threats, including generative AI threats.

Features of SlashNext’s AI technology include:

Relationship Graph & Contextual Analysis: A custom graph database developed by baselining known communication patterns and writing styles for each employee and suppliers to detect unusual communications and conversation styles.

BEC Generative AI Augmentation: Auto generates thousands of new BEC variants from today’s threats to stop tomorrow’s attacks.

Natural Language Processing: Analyzes text in email body and attachments for topic, tone emotion, intent and manipulation triggers associated with social engineering tactics.

Computer Vision Recognition: Inspects URLs in real-time for visual deviations like image and layouts to detect credential phishing webpages.

File Attachment Inspection: Analyzes social engineering traits of attachments and malicious codes to stop ransomware.

Sender Impersonation Analysis: Evaluates headline details and email authentication results to stop impersonation attacks.

The SlashNext AI Security platform includes:

Cloud Email Security: Next Gen AI detects BEC and advanced phishing threats for inbound, outbound, and internal emails, with 48-hour detection advantage.

Comprehensive Threat Coverage: Uniquely trained AI classifiers identify all forms of BEC, social engineering and advanced phishing threats with accuracy and precision.

AI Threat Insight: Delivers advanced security analytics, offering comprehensive insights into the rationale behind AI’s classification of threats.

Spam/BulkMail: Automatically detects and removes unsolicited bulk emails from user inboxes to improve employee productivity and reduce SecOps hours spent on abuse inbox management.

Email+ Security: Extends protection to adjacent channels, such as SMS, Slack, Zoom, Teams, Gmail and messaging apps on mobile and computers.

Unified Administration Console: A single pane of glass for deployment, configuration, and reporting.

API Integration Ecosystem: Seamlessly ingest advanced security events into Microsoft Sentinel, Splunk, or any SIEM solution.

How we are different

The SlashNext AI solution is patent pending and was built from the ground-up internally and was developed over the course of two years. As opposed to many cybersecurity solutions which have been hastily developed in response to the generative AI hype and are built on top of publicly-available generative AI platforms like ChatGPT – which make them susceptible to the same vulnerabilities and attacks aimed at these platforms. SlashNext AI detects, predicts, and stops threats 48 hours before other solutions with efficacy gains superior to other leading solutions.

SlashNext's approach sees through more evasion tactics to detect previously unknown threats including malicious links, natural language-based threats, exploits and malware. Outdated threat intelligence is simply not useful for protecting against new zero-hour threats, so SlashNext provides up-to-the-minute intelligence to properly defend organizations against new and emerging phishing attacks, regardless of attack vector. In a recent Tolly Report, SlashNext outperformed its competitors by a landslide, scoring a 99% total detection rate in a BEC and Advanced Phishing Competitive Test -- Abnormal Security scored 76%, Mimecast scored 61%, and Microsoft Defender for O365 scored 23%.

SlashNext is at the forefront of generative AI technology and has developed the industry's first artificial intelligence solution that uses generative AI to defend against advanced BEC, supply chain attacks, executive impersonation, and financial fraud. SlashNext’s advanced capabilities and understanding of the role generative AI will play in the cybersecurity landscape going forward has already helped the company to secure a $20 million funding round led by Four Rivers Group and existing investors in May 2023. Upon the release of its generative AI solution for BEC, the company has been engaged by a number of Fortune 100 retailers, financial institutions and manufacturers to add SlashNext AI to their security stack.