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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)From CEO to junior operators
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)SOC Prime
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this professional or team deserves recognition:

SOC Prime helps to proactively improve your security posture with global cyber security intelligence and technologies you already have in place.

We directly address the core challenges that slow down or decrease accuracy of SIEM, by automating health diagnostics and simplifying manual work it requires to run a SOC.

We help companies to overcome talent shortage, improve quality of input and output data by adding the much needed content to discover threats and context to understand them.

Our core platform Use Case Cloud is the fastest means to provide threat detection controls and proactive threat hunting capabilities to SIEM users worldwide. Just in 2017 we've developed and provided for free use case to detect WannaCry, Industroyer, Gazer backdoor, NotPetya, BadRabbit, DNSMasq monitoring, DDE Exploitation within hours of the attacks happening, based on OSINT and commercial threat intelligence and proactively before the outbreak. Furthermore we provide commercial frameworks to hunt for threats such as Ransomware, APT, Data Leakage, DNS Security, SSL Security and others. You can start using UCC in minutes and unlock value of your SIEM and SOC right away.

Brief Overview

Everyone in SOC Prime is focused on providing maximum ROI on solutions you already have. One of the critical goals is to help companies defend against the ever-growing threats like Ransomware, APT, Data theft. SOC Prime’s team constantly works on creating relevant Use Cases, including free offerings to defend against WannCry, NotPetya and lately ROBOT attack. Even CEO and co-founders actively participate in research and analysis of such threats in order to provide timely defense capabilities.

The team consists of seasoned cyber security specialists with dozens of years of experience. Security engineers, business management professional, sales managers and IT consultants – all have found their own place at SOC Prime. We allow companies to fundamentally transform the support, confidence, operations and reliability of cyber security products and unlock their full value.

Members of our team have numerous certifications like CEH, CHFI, CCISO, MCSA, etc., but they have proven their skills through practical application of their knowledge and unrivaled speed at creating new content to share with the community.