SoleGATE Advanced Email Protection

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CompanySolebit LABS Ltd.
Company size (employees)16
Type of solutionSoftware


Solebit Labs, with the SoleGATE solution, delivers the first new approach to network based anti-malware prevention since the advent of the network sandbox over a decade ago.
The SoleGATE solution rapidly scans files for any executable code. The premise of the SoleGATE solution is that executable code in any type of data file is malware, and therefore the file is blocked.
Since SoleGATE is just scanning for executable code, the analysis is very rapid (approximately 1 second), and signatureless, providing true zero day protection. In all cases SoleGATE returns a definitive answer, a file is either infected or it is not. SoleGATE do not muddle the situation by providing a “weighted score”.

The SoleGATE solution is completed by its malicious macros and malicious JavaScript prevention capabilities. Macros are de-obfuscated, and rapidly analyzed to determine their actions and true purpose.
The SoleGATE analysis is rapid (approximately 1 sec) and conclusive. Either a macro is malicious or it is not. The analysis output for malicious JavaScript protection is similar. JavaScript is analyzed, and determined to be either malicious or benign. Once again the analysis is rapid (roughly 1 second) and definitive.

In addition to its highly accurate detection capabilities and low latency SoleGATE offers the twin advantages of high throughput with modest infrastructure requirements. SoleGATE is the only network based anti-malware solution that can scale to meet the high volume requirements of large enterprises and service providers. With SoleGATE every file can be checked for malware, without impacting the user and without a huge infrastructure investment.

Last, but not least, as a network based solution SoleGATE allows you to block malicious files while they are still on the network, before they have a chance to infect any internal resources.

How we are different

1. SoleGATE delivers the first new network based anti-malware approach developed in the last 10+ years (since the network sandbox).
2. Full zero day anti malware protection – Not signature based.
3. SoleGATE blocks hundreds of malicious files a day which other products not recognize, and already deployed in production at one of the largest vendors in the world.