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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Solutions By Design II (SBD) has delivered creative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions and services to its customers, domestically and abroad, for over 30 years. SBD is experienced in delivering Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (IA) services inclusive of end-to-end cybersecurity operation services. Our services include:

• Incident Response: SBD is currently performing incident response for over 35,000 users working at over 223 offices across the world. The key to our incident response solution has been the implementation of SOAR which has resulted in 7.5 million in cost savings to our clients.
• Vulnerability Management: SBD is currently performing 5 million+ weekly scans and 1 million monthly virus scans resulting in over 5,800 handled malware events.
• Big Data: Our Big Data approach ingests 400GB+/day monitoring cyber-security events across 55,000+ host devices. Leveraging this information provides a better threat picture and their security risks to our clients.
• Vulnerability Hunting: SBD has a targeted focused operations group that is specifically looking for anomalous events on the network. This specialize service addresses in depth analysis and serves as front line for APT prevention.
• Insider Threat/Behavior Analytics: SBD has built out a user monitoring solution that targets high risk users while still meeting privacy considerations. This is focused on leveraging behavioral analytics instead of a “boil the ocean” approach.
• Cyber Threat Intelligence: SBD is performing Cyber Threat Intelligence reviewing a variety of intel sources to provide actionable threat intelligence to our Cyber Defense Teams.
• ISSO Support: SBD currently provides enterprise ISSO support for major systems, applications, and cloud services.
• Security Assessment: SBD currently has a team of security control assessors, who are SMEs in the Risk Management Framework and NIST Controls.

How we are different

SBD specializes in cybersecurity services, utilizing an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Service Portfolio approach providing a wide range of dedicated cyber services that focus on maturing an organization’s cyber posture. This has enabled us to take an Agile approach to cybersecurity, making consistent incremental improvements that adjust to our customer’s critical issues while working towards our customer’s Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO’s) vision. SBD is currently utilizing this approach monitoring over 35,000 global users and over 50,000 endpoints.

SBD was an early adopter of Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) and has implemented an “automate everything” approach. This has resulted in SBD automating 90% of Tier 1 activities resulting on over 7.5 million dollars in cost savings for our clients. Beyond the cost savings this has improved response time and provided better situational awareness to our client’s decision makers.

SBD is tool and cloud agnostic. This has resulted in our team being able to fairly evaluate and improve the toolset in place. Utilizing SMEs, security engineers and developers allows us to integrate tools across the enterprise resulting in us maximizing efficiencies and minimizing redundancies. Being cloud agnostic has allowed SBD to assist our client secure a multi-cloud environment, assess controls appropriately and improve the cyber hygiene of our clients cost effectively.