Solvo: application-aware cloud security solution

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Solvo developed the only Application Aware Cloud Security Solution that discovers, monitors, and remediates entitlement misconfigurations throughout entire CI/CD process within infrastructure, applications, IaC templates and policies to reduce attack surface area, mitigate data leakage, eliminate account takeover, and thwart business disruption.
Solvo created a visualization module that empowers security and DevOps teams to see what kind of permissions their users and cloud assets have, what risky access was granted and how to replace it with a least-privileged policy.
Solvo generates the new security policy from scratch, based on the unique needs of each cloud application, and updating it at runtime, making cloud security the easiest task on your checklist.

How we are different

(-) Solvo is the first Application-Aware Cloud infrastructure security product. Our recommendations are not static and based on a heuristic set of rules, but are dynamic and proactive, based on each application's needs.

(-) Solvo gives value to developers, DevOps and security practitioners, making security a non-issue for all three and their unique security-related tasks.

(-) Solvo's focus is on analyzing applications in the pre-production environments, enabling it to produce a security policy before deployment in production. This way you can cut detection time and focus on faster delivery to production.