Solvo – automated cloud identities and privileges manager

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


According to an IDG research, 38% of IT managers say that they’re using mostly or only cloud, and that is expected to rise up to 59% of the users by the end of 2021. With more applications being created for the cloud or migrated to the cloud, the more power and responsibilities are given to software developers, often without them knowing about it nor knowing how to handle cloud security. This knowledge gap is the cause of software being delivered with infrastructure misconfiguration that creates a wide and exploitable attack surface. Solvo is the solution for this. We create an adaptable security configuration automatically and we “shift left” to the beginning of the SDLC. That way the application can make it to production when it’s already least-privileged. We do so automatically so that the developers don’t have to bother themselves with something that is not their domain expertise, while the security team knows that the coming deployment is going to work smoothly and deliver a secured application and infrastructure.

How we are different

- Solvo is the first developer-centric solution for cloud security misconfiguration. We know the problem starts on the left so we "shift left" our solution, automatically, to have a minimal friction with the developers and maximal security enhancement for the CISO team.- Solvo's runtime analysis engine enables it to create the most accurate and granular security configuration, compared to other products in the market. Results come out at the speed of DevOps, no need to wait for 90 days.- Solvo gives the security team the visibility to the organization's cloud infrastructure, based on security risks, compliance and governance needs. That way, the team can address the highest priorities and remediate with a single click.