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Company size (employees)approximately 2,500 employees as of January 29, 2016


Sophos, a global leader in Internet security, is thriving. Even after launching more than 30 years ago, Sophos remains a technology innovator within the growing Internet security market.
The company’s success can, in part, be attributed to a clear vision and mission of focusing on medium-sized businesses and the channel that serves them worldwide. Sophos is a leading provider of powerful, yet simple to use network and endpoint security solutions to more than 200,000 customers and 100 million end users across 150 countries.
In addition to global reach, Sophos continues to innovate technologies and products that protect corporate endpoints and networks, email, cloud-computing, and mobile devices from sophisticated, stealth cyber threats. One example is the recent launch of its Synchronized Security technology, which pioneers shared security intelligence and automated coordinated response between endpoint and network solutions. The company also excels with its superior, award-winning encryption technology that integrates across all Sophos products and is an essential “last line of defense” against damaging data breaches.
All Sophos technologies and products are backed by SophosLabs, a dedicated team of visionaries and experts armed with advanced tools and techniques to analyze every day: 1 million suspicious URLs; 350,000 previously unseen suspicious files; 3 million spam messages; attack trends like Geo Malware, the changing face of hackers, new Internet of Things breaches; and much more.
Sophos has been a Gartner Group Magic Quadrant “Leader” in three categories for more than seven consecutive years. The company’s growth, expertise, reputation, product reliability, and technical experience make it the ideal candidate and winner of your Best Internet Security Company award. Sophos is headquartered in Oxford. U.K., and publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange under “SOPH.” Go to for more information.

How we are different

- Sophos’ advanced encryption technology is an essential solution for protecting privacy and securing valuable customer, corporate and employee data.
- Sophos is a leader in developing technologies that are smarter and simpler to use, but also offer a deeper level of Internet security for small to medium-sized businesses reached via more than 15,000 channel partners worldwide.
- SophosLabs is in the trenches seeing, hearing, creating, monitoring, analyzing, and more to ensure Sophos is constantly innovating and leading the Internet security market.