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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionEurope


There’s no question that technical precautions are indispensable in the constant battle against security breaches. However, the interface between person and machine is still the primary gateway for cybercriminals, with more than 85 percent of all attacks originating in the human factor. This is no surprise, because even when the person behind the screen is using a wide range of tools, they are still vulnerable to one common type of attack: emotional manipulation.

From global crises and geopolitical challenges to the COVID-19 pandemic, the past year has given us no time to rest. Unfortunately, we also witnessed dramatic developments in the field of information security: Cybercriminals did not hesitate to take advantage of dynamic societal events for their own unscrupulous ends. Coupled with this is an increasing professionalization of cybercrime. Organizations are now facing an innovative dark economy in which cybercrime-as-a-service is a common business model. Tactics are evolving almost by the minute. The IT landscape is also broadening, as hybrid work methods have come to entail new means of communication that offer cybercriminals further opportunities to launch insidious attacks on company systems.

SoSafe empowers organizations to activate their strongest asset of cyber defense: Their employees. They help to build a security culture and mitigate risk with its GDPR-compliant awareness programs and serves more than 3000 customers worldwide. SoSafe is the market leader in security awareness and training in the DACH region. As one of the leading second-generation awareness platforms in Europe, they are powered by behavioral science and smart algorithms and focus on user engagement and the needs of the customer. In doing so, SoSafe delivers engaging, personalized learning experiences and smart attack simulations that turn employees into active assets against online threats.

How we are different

• SoSafe is one of the leading cybersecurity awareness providers in Europe, founded by a psychologist who decided to focus on the human factor in cybersecurity and highlight employees as most valuable asset of cyberdefense. With more than 85% of all data breaches involving the human factor, empowering organizations to activate their employees as strongest asset of cybersecurity helps to mitigate the risk of the biggest business threat of our time.

•Security habits take hold through continuous learning moments. By grounding our e-learning design and content in the newest insights from the psychology of learning and behavioral science, employees gain practical experience around how to protect themselves from online threats and beyond. SoSafe delivers personalized learning experiences by receiving continuous and automated learnings adapted to their personal risk score. The content is engaging and interactive, adding elements like immersive storytelling and data-enabled gamification to drive deeper engagement and lasting behavioral change.

• Based on the learning theory around “incidential learning”, the e-learning experienced is combined with a spear phishing simulation that helps workforces understand, detect, and neutralize cyber threats. Smart attack simulations trigger psychological behaviors that lead to unsafe decisions – SoSafe analyzes behavior afterwards and teaches employees how to spot and neutralize future threats.