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SoSafe Cyber Security Awareness

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


SoSafe is one of the leading cybersecurity awareness providers in Europe, founded by a psychologist who decided to focus on the human factor in cybersecurity and highlight employees as most valuable asset of cyber-defence.

Security habits take hold through continuous learning moments. By grounding our e-learning design and content in the newest insights from the psychology of learning and behavioural science, employees gain practical experience around how to protect themselves from online threats and beyond. SoSafe delivers personalised learning experiences by receiving continuous and automated learnings adapted to their personal risk score. The content is engaging and interactive, adding elements like immersive storytelling and data-enabled gamification to drive deeper engagement and lasting behavioural change.

Based on the learning theory around “incidental learning”, the e-learning experienced is combined with a spear phishing simulation that helps workforces understand, detect, and neutralise cyber threats. Smart attack simulations trigger psychological behaviours that lead to unsafe decisions – SoSafe analyses behaviour afterwards and teaches employees how to spot and neutralise future threats.

More than 3,000 organisations are already using SoSafe’s solution with clear results: Click rates can be reduced by 70 percent after one year, interaction rates even by 80 percent. Over 50 percent are continuously reporting phishing mails – which displays the potential of employees not only as reactive, but also preventive cybersecurity asset. To understand the status of the awareness program, SoSafe offers a management human risk dashboard, supporting to identify and address potential threats before they take hold.

SoSafe is constantly optimising their product to keep pace with the professionalisation of cybercrime: The product team is investing into research while producing new product features reacting to this trend. To shorten the “time to awareness” for example, “Sofie Rapid Awareness” will be launched (see screenshot).