Splunk Enterprise Security

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Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is an industry-defining SIEM and security analytics solution trusted by Security Operation Centers (SOCs) around the globe. Its powerful capabilities enable enterprises to realize comprehensive visibility, empower accurate detection with context, and fuel operational efficiency. A solution powered by AI capabilities, it delivers analytics at scale for continuous security monitoring and helps ensure cost-effective data optimization. Built on the foundation of Splunk’s core data platform, Splunk ES enables users to detect what matters, investigate holistically, and respond rapidly, while also empowering SOCs to mitigate the emergence and impact of threats amidst a heightened threat landscape.

Additionally, Splunk ES equips users with machine-learning capabilities to help address limits in SOC team bandwidth. For example, the machine learning toolkit (MLTK) accelerates threat discovery with advanced anomaly detection. To help ensure maximum attack surface coverage, Splunk ES provides risk analysis and lets analysts operationalize the MITRE ATT&CK Framework with a visualization matrix. The enhanced risk analysis allows security analysts to monitor user entity risk events from detections across risk-based alerting and behavioral analytics. Further, with Threat Topology visualization, analysts can quickly discover an incident’s scope and respond accurately.

Finally, Splunk ES can fuel operational efficiency with unified threat detection, investigation, and response workflows that drastically increase a SOC’s speed and accuracy. Using the Mission Control feature, Splunk ES unifies SIEM capabilities like security monitoring, alerting, and event management with built-in threat intelligence management, user and entity behavior analytics, SOAR automation, and out-of-the-box response templates that typically increase operational efficiency by 30%. Furthermore, a unique community of users and partners offers support to build custom apps designed for any technical problem or use case needed. Given complex compliance requirements, these unique capabilities also offer a centralized solution to help users gain control of their regulatory risks across geographies.

Key Capabilities / Features

Gain Comprehensive Visibility: Security teams can ingest, normalize, and analyze data from all enterprise sources with AI-powered capabilities to find any event, anytime at scale. This extensible data solution is deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid, and powers unified visibility to enable continuous security monitoring.

Prioritize Focus with Context: Splunk's risk-based alerting (RBA) substantially decreases alert volumes by using the Splunk Enterprise Security correlation search framework to collect risk events into a single risk index. Events collected in the risk index create a single risk notable when they meet a specific criterion, so users remain focused on imminent threats that traditional SIEM solutions might miss. It also allows analysts to concentrate on high-fidelity alerts based on quality detections, increasing both productivity and true positive rates.

Unify Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response: Mission Control, an integral feature of Splunk ES, unifies workflows across detection, investigation, and response, strengthened by automated playbooks and infused with threat intelligence that brings together and normalizes scoring of data sources. Security analysts can leverage response templates aligned to industry standard frameworks to help fuel operational efficiency in the SOC.

Make Sense of Alerts: Splunk's custom alert actions feature makes it simple to gain visibility that enables fast action when an alert is triggered. These custom alerts can be set to varying levels of granularity based on a variety of conditions (e.g. data thresholds, trend-based conditions, and behavioral pattern recognition).

Utilize Curated Detections: The Splunk Threat Research Team delves deep into detection engineering, providing you with 1,700+ out-of-the-box detections as part of your Splunk ES subscription. These detections align to industry frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, NIST CSF 2.0, and Cyber Kill Chain®.

How we are different

Conventional SIEM solutions lack the capacity to deliver cohesive visibility into large amounts of data at scale. Powered by an extensible data platform and assistive AI-driven capabilities, Splunk Enterprise Security offers unmatched, comprehensive visibility by seamlessly ingesting, normalizing, and analyzing data from any source.

While many traditional SIEM solutions lack the capabilities to sufficiently reduce alert volumes, Splunk Enterprise Security’s Risk-Based Alerting (RBA) feature is the industry’s only capability that drastically reduces alert volumes by up to 90%, ensuring that users are honed in on the most pressing threats.

Traditional SIEM solutions lack integration across threat detection, investigation, and response processes, resulting in fragmented workflows. With built-in threat intelligence management; integrated automation capabilities from Splunk’s market-leading Splunk SOAR orchestration and automation engine; a continuous flow of new, cutting-edge, pre-built detections (1700 and counting) from the Splunk Threat Research Team; and the innovative “Mission Control” feature that provides response templates aligned to industry-standard frameworks, users are able to seamlessly unify threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities within one comprehensive solution.