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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


With losses from imposter scams amounting to 2.3 billion in the last 12 months – up from $1.2 billion in 2020, fraud is rising at an alarming rate. As fraudsters exploit personally identifiable information (PII) leaked in data breaches and through infostealer malware infections, users and organizations are left vulnerable without full visibility into their darknet exposure.

With an unmatched repository of 325+ billion recaptured assets collected from breaches, botnets, and other underground sources, SpyCloud fills a critical gap in fraud prevention: the ability to proactively assess a user’s risk of account takeover, synthetic identity, and fraud tied to malware.

Most existing identity verification and anti-fraud solutions only provide standard fraud checks to determine whether the user is a human or exists in public databases. Assessing users’ risk based on their stolen or leaked credentials, PII, and session cookies siphoned by infostealers to access active sessions through common ‘remember me’ features, enterprises can identify the potential for fraud resulting from data circulating in the criminal underground – information they never had access to before.

SpyCloud delivers a single risk score for each user along with up to 24 reason codes and comprehensive supporting metadata, within milliseconds, which can also be leveraged to track user trends for reports and predictive analytics. The SpyCloud platform enables immediate insight into the probability of risk predicated on a user’s exposed identity and allows organizations to tailor user experiences accordingly at the points in the customer journey most vulnerable to fraud (account creation, login, modification, transaction).

How we are different

Enhanced Visibility: Existing anti-fraud solutions offer only a fragmented overview of user activity and do not provide visibility into trusted user fraud. SpyCloud’s suite of anti-fraud solutions, including Consumer ATO Prevention, Identity Risk Engine and Session Identity Protection however, expand on standard fraud insights and give greater access to identify consumers and employees who may have risky behavior, compromised accounts and whose session or trusted device cookies have been compromised or collected by malware. This allows tech firms, financial services companies, and retailers the ability to mitigate their risk by giving organizations more comprehensive visibility into an untouched area of at-risk and exposed users.

Extensive Data Repository: SpyCloud maintains the world’s largest collection of breach data composed of more than 325+ billion recaptured assets to power their solutions. This unique collection of data gives greater actionable insights for enterprises which allows businesses to stay ahead of hard-to-detect attacks and protect high-value consumer accounts and their bottom line from financial harm.

Earliest Possible Detection on all Services: SpyCloud fraud prevention solutions are transformative early warning products that allow organizations to flag accounts where credentials or web sessions have been compromised, invalidate active sessions and update those exposed credentials, enabling customers and retailers across the private and public sector to effectively mitigate the risk of compromised data. This real-time analysis of fraud markers helps organizations across public and private enterprises detect risk at key points in the customer journey. High-risk users can be stopped for additional verification steps, while low-risk customers can continue friction-free – enabling companies to maximize their profits while not impacting the overall customer experience.