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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Cybercrime has come to the forefront of public consciousness in 2021, with major supply chain attacks impacting the country’s infrastructure. Despite many attacks originating with stolen credentials, prevention often relies on traditional defense measures like endpoint or device protection instead of focusing on securing credentials and PII. As a result, most companies still struggle to detect and prevent attacks early in the threat cycle.

Poor password hygiene played a key role in several recent high-profile attacks the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline. Once a password has been compromised, it can be used months or even years later to infiltrate accounts and access enterprise networks undetected. SpyCloud acts as an early warning system to proactively alert security teams when credentials have been compromised so they can quickly act to lock down the account.

Where other threat intelligence companies scan the dark web waiting for stolen data to appear, SpyCloud researchers infiltrate underground cybercriminal communities to obtain breach data straight from criminals within days of the breach occurring. Because SpyCloud recovers stolen data first, the platform is proven to thwart identity-based cyberattacks like account takeover, which precipitates ransomware, business email compromise, identity theft and credit card fraud.

SpyCloud is the most comprehensive account takeover fraud prevention platform on the market, and, with over 145 billion assets, it houses the most robust threat intelligence database of compromised credentials and PII. In 2021 alone, SpyCloud researchers recovered more than 13 billion records of personally identifiable information and 1.7 billion stolen account credentials on the dark web. The company’s unique combination of human intelligence, early data recovery and the largest collection of breach data in the industry allows businesses to find more compromises, stay ahead of hard-to-detect attacks, and protect employees, consumers and their bottom line.

How we are different

-Earliest possible data collection: SpyCloud’s use of human intelligence to proactively obtain email addresses, passwords and other PII directly from criminals immediately after a breach is a unique collection method that allows SpyCloud to recover stolen data early in the threat cycle, often as early as 18 months before other threat intelligence providers. With early detection, companies have a much shorter exposure window and the ability to automatically resecure accounts before criminals can use them for attacks.
-Most robust database: SpyCloud maintains the world’s largest collection of breach data, composed of more than 145 billion breach assets, helping businesses to find more vulnerabilities, stay ahead of hard-to-detect attacks and protect themselves, their customers and their employees from financial harm.
-Automated remediation: With less than one hour required for install and set-up, SpyCloud’s Active Directory integration enables enterprises to drastically reduce the time it takes to rectify compromised accounts, since the password resets are done automatically. In today’s challenging hiring environment, SpyCloud’s time-saving solution helps IT and cybersecurity professionals streamline their work.