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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


With security breaches and data leaks dominating headlines, organizations of all sizes are more aware of the criticality of data security. As increasing amounts of data are being stored locally at enterprise “edge” locations, which typically lack physical security and are more theft-prone, a solution that ensures affordable data security, with lightweight requirements is paramount.

StorMagic’s integrated data encryption and key management server (KMS) lets organizations with one to thousands of locations to affordably, efficiently introduce data encryption at individual sites. StorSecure is deployed as a VM on top of the hypervisor, but with its own dedicated storage. XTS-AES-256 encryption is carried out while the data is in-flight before being written to disk. Keys can be generated and stored onsite, in a datacenter, or in the cloud – all for only $2,000 at each location. Customers can store millions of keys in multiple locations for an extra level of protection.

StorSecure meets all major compliance regulations, including HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX. StorSecure removes the need for an expensive, third-party key manager, enabling an organization to implement an affordable all-in-one data security solution.

StorSecure’s flexibility adds significant improvements over competing solutions. A wide range of key types can be generated and rotated on-demand or on-schedule. Comprehensive security and disaster protection ensure keys are protected. Providing a full-featured KMS and encryption engine is a unique, industry-leading approach; combining it with StorMagic’s lightweight high availability results in a single piece of software to manage.

StorSecure doesn’t require special hardware, and is designed for any IT professional to operate. Initialization, key rotation and backup processes are simple and straightforward. Its modern, intuitive UI easily integrates with any single sign on (SSO) service, including DAP, RBAC, AD and IAM. Ease of management is underscored by StorSecure deployment speed: data is encrypted within 15 minutes.

How we are different

Adds built-in KMS to existing encryption capability: StorSecure is a unified encryption and key management solution, removing the need for an expensive, third party key manager. It is an affordable all-in-one data security solution for edge locations. StorSecure slashes the cost of enterprise-class data encryption at hyperconverged edge environments, at just $2,000 per location.
Huge deployment flexibility, and simplicity: StorSecure’s KMS can be deployed onsite, in a datacenter or in the cloud. This flexibility allows keys to be generated and stored anywhere, instead of locally, dramatically increasing security and reducing complexity. StorSecure introduces unprecedented simplicity and ease of management with a modern, intuitive UI and straightforward, fast deployment and management.
Unrestricted key generation: StorSecure has no restrictions on key generation or storage. An unlimited number of keys in a range of key types can be created, stored, and rotated on-demand or on-schedule. StorSecure includes comprehensive security and disaster protection to provide peace of mind and ensure that millions of keys are adequately protected.